Beginners and running clubs

I too am a plodder - I however want to become a faster plodder so took the bull by the horns and went to my local running clubs beginner evening - I have since been back and intend to keep going - I am the slowest one there - I do a shorter route than everyone else with the exception of Wendy who runs with me - she is very patient and encouraging - This week they were pleased to see me back and i felt part of the group - I now have something to aim for - the back of the pack!!!! However we all have to start somewhere - Sandhurst Joggers have made me feel welcome regardless of my speed so for all of you thinking about joining a running club - go on take the plunge its worth it.
I have found such wonderful support on this forum that I have loads of others to thank for the encouragement they have given to me - they made me believe in myself that I could do it too. I am no marathoner yet!!! LOL slowly slowly catchee monkey - a 5km race run all the way round would be a good start - then progress to a 10k what satifaction that would be.
So come you guys stop hesitating and get out there running.



  • I too am a real plodder. I started running in April to train for Race For Life, and did it in 37 mins: really pleasing as my initial goal was to run all the way without stopping/dying. I did the Brambles 5k Fun Run this weekend in 32.30, so I agree, slowly but surely does it. Having progressed from just over 15 minutes a mile when I fist puffed my way onto a pavement to 10.30min miles on average I feel smug, but still slow!
    I think Fun Runs attached to bigger races are a great way to get started: less intimidating than being with all those 'real' runners, but still a valid training goal.
    Keep on chugging away!
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