A training plan for a 17 year old wanting to race 5k/10k

Hey guys,

Was running 10k in 37:30 in March and could run a 5 minute mile in training but been out injured since then and only just starting rehab now. I had a lot of issues with my gait which are being resolved now and I will soon have orthotics too so at least I'll come back a bit stronger. Back then, I think my training plan was inconsistent and a bit too much.. I had shin splints, Osgood-Schlatters and just generally tight muscles hence the pain, an apparent stress fracture which seems to have never even existed according to my GP/Physio. I think running too hard on poor biomechanics caused the issues.

Anyway, I was doing one track session a week (with about a 2/3 mile warm up and hard intervals, it varied, but was usually a maximum of 5k worth and it bloody hurt!), 1 long run (10-11 miles) pace, 1 hilly run, 7-8 miles off road doing reps of running up and down our local hill at steady pace, 1 time-trial 5k or 10k run/another interval session, and 2 'easy runs', usually about 3-5 miles each sometimes gently on hills.

How does this sound? Too much? 

And when I'm back able to train hard again, am I training in the best way to get fast or can you suggest a better training plan?




  • Hi Alex,

    I'm not sure how long you have been running, but you've got quite a lot of quality work in there (track session, long run, reps, time trial and, depending on how much you pushed on the hills, the hill session) which could well have contributed to your injury issues.  My focus is more half-marathons and marathons, but I'd be surprised if 5/10k specialists did more than 2/3 high quality sessions a week.

    I'm assuming you are a member of a running club if you have access to a track; I would suggest that you ask one of the coaches there what the best thing to do is; if you're not a member of a running club (or your club doesn't have suitably qualified coaches), then join a running club with a decent youth coaching section.

  • Hi Joolska

    I've been running for about a year (March 2011 to April this year). I think I was doing too much work to be honest. I do have a coach and a club, but was thinking more of asking for a wider spectrum of advice to see what the general agreement is image

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