Heart Rate Monitors - Which one?


Can anyone recomend a good heart rate monitor to use for to help me in my trainnig. As I feel that I am lapsing into my running comfort zone too much and not pushing myself.
I have never used one before and the range of choice is pretty big. Do not want to end up with one that does not meet my requirements.
Run about 30 - 40 miles a week. With a mixture of speedwork, tempo and distance runs.


  • Ive used a Polar S610 for nearly a year now and find it faultless. Purchased with the IR interface, all the information can be downloaded and analysed on your PC.
  • Hi Kenneth,

    I've been using the Polar M22 for the last year - my first year of serious running. As a beginner I find it helpful, not to run blindly based on the HRM but to use it as an aid. After all, I find it never lies!

    If you are more serious, the ones with IR to your PC are invaluable. I just note the file notes after each session and make my own simple calculations. Maybe some day when I grow up to be a proper runner I will upgrade ;) In the meantime, this model is a lot cheaper and suffices for now.

    Happy running!
  • Do we ever grow up to be a proper runner?
    I think I will still be at the toddler stage in my running when I am 50.

  • Hmm.. good point! Me too, probably. As long as we're still enjoying it though and all that....

    Actually I wished at one point last week that I didn't have my HRM on - I was running my first 10mile race and the first part goes down into a tunnel and then back up. On the uphill climb my heartrate was 185 - in the first 2km! Scary stuff! But I felt fine otherwise and once we were back on the level it stayed at max. 173 to the end. So you can't panic but you do have to listen to your body.

    I also noticed while running in the very cold airco'd gym in my hotel on hols, that my heartrate stayed really low, that helped my training no-end! Now I'm not dreading winter running as much as I was! Don't know about you but I find the summer can be very warm to run. Very high heart rates!
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