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Hi folks I used to run on asics gel nimbus and got a injury I done the test to see what shoe I should be using and it showed I would be better suited to the kayano and I bought some footdisc insoles to go with them as well but they seem so hard in comparison to the gel nimbus as I'm quite a heavy runner I'm 16 stone 6lb so would I be better sticking with the kayano?? Or would I be better going back to the nimbus?? But I worry the nimbus don't offer enough support cos off my weight I need advice guys please help


  • Gait analysis in a store, or even better by a podiatrist/PT. A good sports podiatrist will be able to recommend appropriate shoes. It will cost less than a pair of inappropriate new shoes. An in store gait analysis is free, but generally less comprehensive.

    If you are really worrying, get professional advice rather than forum opinions
  • And sometimes, professional advice doesn't help either.  There's just too many variables for anyone to be sure.

    Is it your weight?

    Is it your biometrics?

    Is it your running style?

    Is it your running style and trainers?

    Is it your training?  (Too much too fast?)

    Is it some combination of the above?

    Personally, I don't trust instore gait analysis tests, there's no evidence that this works.  A big study was done on soldiers in the US where some were gait analysed and others weren't; the gait analysed soldiers were given appropriate footwear and the ones who weren't were given a neutral training shoe.

    There were no difference in injuries, or the type of injuries.

  • Thanks for the advice I just been made redundant so no chance off me going for speacialist gait annalysis I just want to run yeah I am over weight def I know that which is why I thought the asics kayano might be better help support my weight more I ran 255miles in the nimbus then had two months off went for a light run last monday in the nimbus and got this injury didn't even push my self that hard so can't understand it???
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