HIMUK or IMUK what's it to be

I did HIMUK this year, and never felt so much pain in my life, had hope for 5:20-5:30 but completed it in 6:21, but totally enjoyed it. Loads of injuries in back and shins. Anyway, if it's a full IM next year I won't be doing it but if it's a HIM I'll be there.
So does anyone know if it will be IM or HIMUK, I know it's still early days yet but anyone heard and news or rumours.


  • No news yet I'm afraid, I bet they'll take their time and really milk it the buggers!

    I loved both HIMUKs but will prob give next year a miss if it's Half again, and do LD. If it goes full then I'll probably do it.....will be a tough course if it's in Sherborne again though!!
  • I know dude, the course was hillier than I'd expected and the run damn near killed me, catching a cold and sore throat two days before didn't help.
    IM might be a bit much for this fella, lads in the club have voiced doing one next year but I'll wait till 2005
  • I do hope you're resting properly, bri.
  • If it goes full next year, I hope the course is more accurate than this years.....
    I've competed in full IM events overseas, and unfortunately the organisers of the UK event still have much to learn.
    If it does go full, I'd rather go and do IM France again - now that is a challenge!

  • I am wanting to do a half iron man next year, what's available round here then that is not Nantwich-like. (ie: sh*te)
  • Weymouth is good - sea swim though

  • Don't mind a sea swim , since I perfected it on my holiday in Cornwall this year, when is it.
  • This years was in June I think.
  • I'm planning on doing Weymouth Monique seeing as it's my home town! Lovely place even if I do say so myself!

    Don't know the date for the 2004 one yet.
  • What have the UK organisers got to learn? you say it's not as good as France, explain? and also was the course this year too short or long. There's something about IM France that appeals to me.
  • monique- there is the bala middle distance- which I think is in June- I have never done it but I believe it is a very similar course to the one used by HIMUK in 2001/2
  • bri

    the course this year was definitely short. I clocked 52 miles for the bike. I ran the last "mile" on the run in about 4mins so the run was probably only 12.5 miles. I thought the swim was about right, although several from my club say it was short.

    Poor show for an Ironamn event.
  • Myself and a few friends all had around 55miles on the bike....so not too bothered with that. But agree the run seemed a little short (by about half mile max). No excuses for that on out-and-backs.
  • Disagree. I double checked my bike computer after and it was definitely set up correctly.

    I also measured distance on a map and got approx 52 miles.

    I didn't take a short cut - honest
  • Think it might be your comp mate. We all got just under 55miles.
    You sure you didnt scoot pass any cows or sheep on the way!?
  • My bike computer read 54.9 for the ride.
    The run was a "long 12".
    Swim was about right.
    The marshalling was good but the draft busters were virtually non-existant.
    Give me Llanberis any day.

  • OK I'll recheck the calibration on my comp - again.
  • Gave up on their decision for 2004 and signed up for Ironman Austria. After Sherbourne I am looking forward to a flat run.
  • I made the bike bang on 55 miles, the run seemed short by about half a mile to a mile.

    I would like to see (and do) a full IM in the UK next year. Personally I am not a great fan of multi-loop races, finding 112 miles of road around Sherborne shouldn't be too difficult but closing it for up to 8 hours might cause a problem.

    The Longest Day is a great race but only a few hundred competitors and the roads are not closed. Not closing the roads for 1,300 or so would be out of the question (too dangerous).

    We have now had 3 half IM races - its time to go FULL. For those wishing to stick with the half; Weymouth and Bala are good races.
  • Ironbloke, that's a really good point re:road closure, that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet(?). The locals weren't too please at Llanberis (understatement!) and Sherborne with road closures. An 8hour+ closure would be seen as really taking the michael!

    Would you do a IMUK?

    Despite a keyboard-happy finger I have managed to hold back from entering any 04 races (apart from london tri). Although not even sure I'll do a full yet. I love sprints too much.
  • Bad wolf!
    I've set my computer up so it shuts down automatically as soon as a certain 6 digit combination is entered (the first 6 digits of my bank account).

    will join you there, in dec prob :O)
  • Niiice! :O>

    Only just noticed the pre-registration at http://www.ironmanuk.com/. I know someone mentioned it before. Come on - gis a full distance!
  • Have you really started entering 04 races already?
    Perhaps I better pull my finger out. I was too late to enter Milton Keynes (olympic distance tri) last year and I really want to give it a go next year. Haven't done London for the last 2 years, does it fill quickly?
    I seem to remember entering Sherborne around Christmas time last year so I guess it will be the same again. I will definately enter if it's a full distance. What's the betting on the first £150 tri entry fee?
  • ive personally just entered london cos the tt gang got me all excited and confused, ha. Nah it's a brilliant event, loved it this year - swim is a laugh (if you're a masochist), bike is like a roller-coaster ride and run....well is quite painful I guess. But very spectator friendly. Best get in as early as poss......although reckon you've got til at leats a few months into the new year.

    It'll be damn expensive for a IMUK wont it! :O(
  • I haven't decided on London. Maybe you can help me make up my mind. I loved it last year but I am doing my first full distance a month before the race this year. How will I feel afterwards. Do you think I can still run London that soon afterwards?

  • Ann, go for it!!! 4 weeks should be plenty of time to recover and do a little build-up works a week or two before the race. You may not be at a peak, but you'll be in good form.
  • Hmmmmm, great to hear that kind of talk, but not official yet. Lets hope so!
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