HIMUK or IMUK what's it to be



  • Fingers crossed, and chequebook ready!
  • Its gonna go full no question, and whether you like official Ironman events or not, it will be the event to be at next year.
  • Yeh!
    btw, still no word on tv coverage of the last one (?), goddamit!
    they promised something last year, but dont believe they delivered
  • As long as they didn't get you on TV pulling my shirt back as you overtook me you should be alright Daz!
  • hehehe
    rich (be honest), if you'd known i was approaching in last 400m, would you have increased pace? :O)

    so you def on for full next year?
    nice one mate, see you there!
  • Oh dear,

    looks like people are going to have to decide between LD and IMUK! Tough decision.
  • Impossible to say Daz. I definitely didn't have a sprint finish in me that was for sure, but if I had had the information a mile from the end that you were closing who knows? I doubt it though, you got me fair and square.

    Never happen again though ;-)

    Just to clarify, its 'going full distance no question' is my opinion. Still no official news, but I'll be amazed if Britain doesn't get an official event this year.
  • Heh, I'm going to train especially hard this winter to try and make sure that doesn't happen! :O)

    Yes I think so too. The last 3 years have been a nice build-up. I really do hope they don't go overboard on the cost though.

    Another thing is road closures - can't see the local folk being too happy at a (more or less) full day closure!
  • So the general vibe is it's gonna be a full IM. Oh well, I don't think I'll be there, not racing anyway. I've promised myself that I cann't do a full IM until I finish my degree. One maybe two more years to go. I'm using it as the incentive to get the courses over and done with.

    So anyone know of any good half IM's then.
  • There is one in Weymouth in June and the Bala Middle distance (same course I believe as the original HIMUK)
  • caspar - where you been lately!?
  • yer -and why can't you run?
  • Well I slipped of to turkey for 10 days on a cheap and cheerful package deal - just the ticket for a little bit of sun- although it was bizarre watching the football with all the turkish restaurant staff wearing england tops!?

    still it allowed to swim everyday in a really nice pool and my arm (which was dislocated at HIMUK) is well and truly on the mend - I can now swim 1200 non stop and I'm only 10% slower than before so I am quite happy

    I cant run as I have a burcitis (?) on my left hip- essentially a blister by the ligaments- and I havnt been able to run properly for over a month - everytime I think it has healed it just flares up again.
    (Although I can cycle)

    Very frustratng as there were some long distance trails I wanted to do this autumn as well as the ball buster. However better it happens now than in say May or June of next year!
  • Awww pet!


    and yes - better now than in the spring.
  • just got to keep looking on the positive side of things- although I'm sure I will be running within days - which will cheer me up no end.

    seeing a consultant re shoulder operation tomorrow for some objective (I hope) advice
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