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Advice required. I would like to improve my 5k and 10k times. To do a 5k in 30 mins it is recomended a Tempo pace run of 10.35 per mile and intervals of 140sec for 400 and 69 secs for 200. At present I can run these distances much faster but haven't done a 30 min 5k or a 60 min 10k, what am I doing wrong? I am currently on track to complete the GNR and then want to improve my times for shorter events next year, do I need to slow down in my speed sessions and increase tempo running or look at endurance.


  • Nothing useful to add Jane, but the times did look a bit odd to me too. The long run seemed incredibly slow and the tempo etc very do-able rather than challenging. Made me wonder whether I should be aiming for a faster time! I haven't done a race yet so it's hard for me to know where to pitch. Wisdom required, please!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Would have thought that to do these kind of times for 5/10k you don't need to look at anything very formal at all. For a 5k, if you just do (say) a 40min session where you warm up for 10 mins and then do 20mins at a somewhat brisker pace (or 2x10mins with a minute between), followed by 10 mins cool down, it should lead to the right kind of results.

    The only thing I would add is that long runs *should* be slow.
  • To Glenn, thanks for you advice on Tempo running. Unfortunately speed doesn't come naturally and I thought even a slow runner like me could benefit from more "formal" speed sessions. Today I did 4 times 400/200 sessions as outlined in the RW article with a 5 min break after half the session. Kept the efforts to medium due to GNR this Sunday, went for it at last 400 and did a PB. My times were well within the times mentioned for a 30 min 5k. Didn't feel too tired afterwards.

    Maybe I need to look at my race strategies. I do tend to set off very steadily.

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