New Forest Results

Sorry to take up vlauable thread space - but does anyone know where or when the results from last Sunday's races in the New Forest might be available??



  • Hi robert this is the web address
    but I don't think the results are up from this year yet.
  • Hilly - many thanks.

    They don't appear to be there yet, but I'll keep checking.

  • I think they're still waiting for the carrier pigeon to return with the times!! So much for technology. Have asked repeatedly via email but no response.
    Getting impatient now as was a PB for me.
  • Pitstop Twinkletoes no offence but your picture is GROTESQUE!
  • I second that emotion!
  • Haven't received the old fashioned results on paper in an envelope yet either. What's annoying is that the results were starting to go up on the wall as I left and mine would have been on the next page....
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