Unable to walk properly / unable to bend big toe upwards


I ran the GNR on sunday but only since Tuesday did I find it difficult to walk on my left foot even tough there is no pain. I tried to put up with it and even went for a run on wednsday during which again I felt no pain but also felt I wasn't getting the speed I would normally expect. Only yesterday did notice that I am unable to bend my big toe fully upwards (towards me). I can bend it down fine but upwards it seems to just stop half way compared to my other toe. Again, there is no pain but it does seem to effect my walking/running and I am wondering if resting will make it heal or if I should see a doc?

Any advice is appreciated!



  • At feeling in the toe at all? Does the foot move up? I have a similar issue with my left foot (the whole thing), the issue stems from trapping a nerve in my back. This is mostly painless.
  • Hi yes I have got a feeling it in, it just seems to not want to bend upwards fully. It seems to have eased today but it's still there and sometimes I get a tingly sensetion in my shin when walking on it, maybe it is a trapped nerv? Im hoping it will continue to improve, desperate for a run image

  • Good luck! I'm running so I can get the problem fixed; having my lower back bolted together in April so need to lose a few stone. Vicious circle really.
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