New Forest Half...

Anyone running the NF half tomorrow? Looks like it's gonna be wet, wet, wet!!


  • Even worse I'm doing the marathon!!! You might be lucky with the half and finish before the rain gets really bad!!!
  • You've made me feel much better (that you're doing the marathon!). Galoshers and umbrellas at the ready I think!!! Actually, an umbrella might catch the wind and pull me round! I might try it! Seriously, good luck to you for tomorrow.

  • I'm running the full marathon too!!!  I've checked my local forecast (Reading) and it doesn't say rain until 1pm bu who knows what time it will get to the New Forest.

    I'm taking along my trusty vaseline - a tried and tested way of keeping warm when soaking wet.  ;0)

  • Accuweather (normally pretty good) says rain from 8am. I have my disposable poncho ready for the start line! I'll probably wear a Helly Hansen under-layer and go with a non-cotton top. And yes, of course, copious amounts of vaseline!!! Good luck to you too Liz EE.

  • I learnt a great trick several years ago as I love running in the rain which is to wear a short sleeved top but smother your arms and exposed parts of legs in vaseline.  It won't stop you getting wet but really helps to stop you getting cold skin from the rain. 

    I do it even when going out for a short run, it makes it much more comfortable.

  • Sounds like a good plan. I normally get too hot whilst running. Don't think I'm gonna have that problem tomorrow!

  • Every year that I've done this event it's been really hot and then turned miserable the next day. Obviously the weather is out by 24 hours this year!

    Hops off to pack wellies and sou'wester

  • I did it back in 2005 and the conditions were ideal. I reckon they've got the forecast wrong - it'll be blue skies and 20 degress with a light wind. Not. image

  • my first ever marathon, oh why did i pick this one, lol, 6 months work just to get very very wet ;-p
  • liking the vasaline tips! never thought of it odly, thank you *raiding childs nursery!

  • stolen all the vaseline from our house and packed it in my bag too ;-p
  • Well done to all of you today for just turning up - what weather!!! Hope you all got on OK? I did it quicker than I thought I would and ran the last three miles increasingly quickly!! Now relaxing with a Guinness and contemplating what to enter next...

  • Well that was my first marathon, and smashed my 3:30 target by 12 minutes, happy days.. Well done to all the folk that turned out to watch in that weather, and the great marshalls and volunteers tooimage
  • Karlsp - good work!! And hear hear 2 your comment thanking the marshals, volunteers and spectators. Some of them looked wetter than me!
  • I didnt think anyone was running this off here as all the threads were really quiet leading up to it but so glad people did as I thought i would have no one to talk to about it and say HOW HORRENDOUS WAS THAT WEATHER

    there wasnt a part of me that was dry when i got back ( thanks for the tip about vaseline, i normally vaseline up where i might rub but not thought about all over to protect myself

    I did the HM and got a PB for me ( I'm a slow runner so 2hours 24 was fast for me ) think it was cos I wanted to get out that rain, torrential and very windy in parts, cant say i saw much of the new forest lol

    as i'm training for the chester marathon I went on to run another 3miles after the HM today so did 16miles in total which I was pleased with, and was glad to get back in that sports hall, I had a shower, so funny, kiddies showers so the shower head only came to my chest but was so glad it was warm and glad to get out of my wet clothes

    marshalls and volunteers and spectators were fab, far more than i thought were there and yes i#m sure some of them were wetter than me, on the one side road about a mile from the end one marshall stood at the end only to get completely soaked by all the cars wooshing past throught the puddle there, poor bloke!!! 

  • Another brillliant race, many thanks to the marshals and volunteers for the support and hard work to organise the event.  Tad soggy but always good to run around the local area.


  • I found that Asics Goretex-lined trainers fill up quite well in those conditions!

  • Ah yes, i wear inserts to support my metarsals, and actually can still squeeze water out of them this afternoon ;-p
  • Sooooo, what event next?

  • i'm doing the Chester Marathon next, what about others?

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