Saffron Walden 10K

What a gorgeous race. Lovely day, fantastic, interesting, varied, part off road course, with good footing, and no mud (although of course the dry weather has played its part). Organisation first rate. The husband came along and ran it too, yippee.

Couldn't be better really. I enjoyed the run too. Going up hills doesn't really trouble me, I just slow down, and I can stretch out going down, and I liked the variety. Felt well until 8K, and then there was still a bit of climbing, the wind was against me, I hadn't walked at all, and my legs had requested politely to stop, I wouldn't, so of course they felt a bit dead. Tried alternating fast and slow to wake them up a bit, but it didn't amuse them, so gave up and slogged the last K home.

Time, 1hr, 6 min, or thereabouts.

I come back, however, feeling slightly rueful. It was a wonderful run for me. Definitely of the best. And I was right at the back. Amidst a bunch of other women all saying what a rotten race they had had, how illness and injury had really slowed them down today.

I'm still high as a kite over being able to run, I still love every step. But running with others looks like being a very humbling experience. I found myself wishing to excuse my slowness, on the grounds that I am in the dancing bear and three legged hamster category.

I may be in that category, but it's time to shut up about it. End of excuses, full stop. Guess I've got to run faster, or grow up, or both, if I'm to enjoy races. (Wicked Witch, do I understand you?) One of the swimming pool regulars did come in after me. He's in his mid eighties I believe. I shall study his style, and I don't mean running.

By for now. I'll be on only sporadically, checking on Cath et al, until the half (20 October), and then I shall resume my junkie status.

Run well, Marj


  • Thanks for a great report, Marj, and well done. 66 minutes for 10K ain't walking, that's for sure. And all the making of excuses by other runners is just gamesmanship - anyone who tries to blame their performance as a freak event caused by illness or injury deserves a robust rejoinder along the lines that if they're that ill or injured they were bloody stupid not to pull out before the start. It goes on at all levels from the 35-minuters to the stragglers.

    Look forward to your report on 20th October.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Well done Stickless, you got out there and did it, despite your setbacks. Don't compare yourself with others, it's what it means to you that matters. I went to school in Saffron Walden so you would have run past those places I hung out smoking in the early 80s. I used to go running then through Audley End park - is that where the course went through?
    Congratulations again.
  • Marj - great run - glad to see your post I had begun to worry you weren't with us any more.

    I love you reports - you know where the fun in running lies - these excuse makers have missed the point. Looking forward to the 20th and your report.
  • Thanks all. And I will come back and be a regular again after the 20th, and I look forward to your suggestions in planning the Next Event.

    Various things happened last night (one autonomous leg, for starters) to remind me that I owe myself some patience for some time to come. I feel so infinitely better than I did even three months ago that it is tempting to try and say, right, chapter over, on to the next, but it is not so simple.

    What a 10K can teach.

    And half the sailors at the club are jogging round the streets together in prep for the 20th, people whose feet haven't seen the insides of trainers for 30 years.

    It's an adventure.

    All the best, Marj.
  • Great report Marj and well run. As Laura says it's your effort that counts not that of others. Good luck and happy running!
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