Loony Baby Jogger!

Hi folks,
I've been running with my three year old in her baby jogger for a couple of years now. The longest run to date has been a tad under ten miles. Now entering a half marathon just for the satisfaction of "doing it".
Has anyone else been as nutty? or am I just certifiable or too stingy to pay out for a baby sitter?
Happy running,
p.s. If we manage this one then it's a marathon next!!!!!


  • I don't run with one. But I have been overtaken by someone with one. It was going up that great big hill in the Henley half. Bloody embarrassing.
  • Never done a race with my 2 year old, but I often go for 6 mile runs with him.

    Go for it Bill, it's great bonding for you both, even if she does fall asleep.

    Which half are you doing?
  • Good for you Bill, it's nice to know dads are out there running with their kids and not parking them in front of a tellytubbies video with a babysitter at first opportunity. I'm sure with enough little snacks and drinks it'll go fine.That's for your three yr old, you'll have to make do with the drinks stops!
  • Thanks for your thoughts, If your'e in the Barns green Half marathon on the 27th October, give us a wave!
  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    In the Berlin marathon a couple of years ago I caught up with someone at mile 24 who had pushed his son the entire way. I was amazed that the son had stayed quiet/asleep that long.

    I was trying to work out whether it was easier, because he had something to lean on to take some of the impact off his legs; or harder, because he was having to push an extra weight the entire 26.2 miles. I suspect the latter, or we would all be using them (although strictly they are against the rules in most big marathons).
  • Hi Guy,
    Trust me when I say it is a lot easier not pushing!
    a) You only have one arm free to swing
    b) great fun when child is small; I've calculated that the all up weight of my daughter and jogger is about 28kg which is a bit of a bugger pushing up hills!
  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭

    I'll find out for myself relatively soon - I have a four week old son, and once he is able to go in a baby jogger he will be going out running with me (although weighing a lot less than a 3 year old).

    I would agree with you that generally I would expect that pushing someone was more trouble than not doing so. However I did wonder if in the last few miles of a marathon, where your leg muscles are dead from constant pounding, it might not be an advantage to be able to take some of the weight off your legs.
  • Electric motor anyone?
    congratulations guy,I also have a two week old son "waitnig in the wings" to go on the baby jogger. Just found out that baby jogger in the states do a car seat adapter for the baby jogger - am currently finding out availability. do you have a jogger yet?
    Please feel free to email me if you need any advice, sames goes to anyone else out there who's interested.
    Bill aka "loony baby jogger!"
  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    I'm interested to know what type of jogger you have, and whether you are happy with it. At what age did you start running with your daughter? My understanding is that it has got to be several months, because they need to be able to support themselves.
  • Guy, yes, at least six months old, so they can sit unsupported, otherwise its bad for their backs. I have a three year old who has done about 500 miles with me, and now we have an 8month old, who I am just starting. The 7kg difference in weight makes a hell of a difference! I find hea has a tolerance of about 30mins, so longer runs have to be broken into stages, with places where he can get out and run around (and pee) for a few minutes.
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