Waterproof running jacket - budget £100

Looking for a good quality running jacket, must be waterproof and preferably with a hood as I intend to (eventually!) use it for mountain marathons. Thanks!


  • There were some montaine ones in tk maxx recently!
  • Rab http://www.rab.uk.com/

    Craft http://www.craft.se/

    Odlo http://www.odlo.com/en/#collection/

    I have very light weight shower proof / wind resistant jackets from the above. I don't like hoods so can't comment on that but with a budget of £100 you should be able to get something that suits.

    Totally waterproof may be an error as you'll just sweat bucket, I do in my more waterproof jackets. I prefer the water resistant as they cope with heavy mist and rain on the South Downs.

  • Some of the mountain type races and longer ultras do insist on a proper waterproof.  Ive had to get one for the above type races.  Never run in it otherwise, use a lighter jacket but I got one that I would be hapy to wear as a jacket when not running.  Got a montane one.  Its very lightweight and packs down pretty small.  Looks pretty good too.

  • Ring Martin Likey and ask him. His store www.likey.com is stocked with specialist kit like this.
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