Boo Hoo! Knees

Physio and Osteopath are confused, after 18 months of stretching, icing, strengthening, pulling and shoving, massage, rolling on tennis balls, doing silly excercises, my knee still hurts. Inside knee pain.

No inflammation, no locking or popping, strength is now the same on both legs (tested by physios new power machine), nightmare.

Now going to see a consultant orthopaedic surgeon for MRI scans and a possible arthroscopy. Can't believe it. 18 months ago I was a good marathon runner, very fit, and ready to run a 2:50 marathon (so my coach reckoned). I really hope this sorts it out, I'm so unfit, heavier and have been very depressed at times.

I need everyone to think positive thoughts for me till Christmas!!!


  • :-(

    All the best, Mitchie Moo. MRI's bound to show *something*. Isn't it?

    Positive thoughts heading your way.
  • Mitchie Moo, how did you get on with the knee problem?
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