The Longest Day



  • IMO HIMUK will remain HIMUK so come and join us at longest day

  • Either way Longest day won't fill up so you don't have to commit until well after IM announce what they are going to do with Sherborne next year.

    Most European IronMan events don't have a mad scramble for places, unlike in the States. I only entered IM Switzerland 3 months before the race even though I'd been training for it since Christmas. Same this year, I am definitely doing Lanzarote in May but haven't even thought about entering yet.

    Take your time, decide exactly which events you want to do and then enter when you are ready.

  • Up till now, HIMUK charge ironman prices for a half ironman event. For the same money you can enter The Longest Day. If Daz is an ironman virgin, then this one is an easy course, especially the run, nice and flat.C U there?
  • Virtually all ironman runs are flat so longest day is no exception. What would have been good was IMUK back in north wales using the Snowdonia marathon course for the run. If its an easy course you want go to Roth where the crowd support pulls you around. A wet windy day in the black country with no one in sight makes it hard enought. After all it is a mental challenge as much as anything.
  • The support on the run, in the Longest Day, is way above "the norm" because it`s 3 laps, you pass the support on the bridge 6 times, they know your name and shout encouragement. What more do you want?
  • I don't want anything. I could do the lot without seeing another human being, but to compare it to somewhere like roth is ridiculus. No offence to the Longest day people they do a brilliant job, it is just a different set up. And, the reason I prefer it to big razzamatazz venues.
  • Your the only one, who`s mentioned Roth.

    ie but to compare it to somewhere like roth is ridiculus.
  • OK then I'll mention it.

    The crowd support when riding the Solarer Berg hill is like the Tour de France.
  • It is simple.
    If you want to do an ironman distance race do Longest Day. Support on run is great and the event is very low key and friendly.

    If you want razmatazz, need people to tell you how great you are and a full on all American style presentation then race M-Dot events. In all likelihood next year you'll be paying the same money for a half distance race.

    I've done both and much prefer Longest Day.
  • What commitment (hours/mileage) do you have to put in for an IM?
  • sorry forgot to mention, not to win but to achieve a very respectable time!
  • I would say 10+ hours.
    From memory a good week would be
    2 hours swim, bike 6-7 hours ,run4 hours.

    Training time is one of those topics that leads to a heated debate. Long hours v Few hours.
    What do the others have to say?
  • 13 hours a week is reckoned to be around the minimum you need to put in to achieve a reasonable time. How it is divided depends on each person's strengths and weaknesses. I need more swim time.
  • hmmm and is it a given that you are all better at one thing over another or do you do your best to train to the max in all 3 disciplines.

    Hope that question wasn't as silly as it sounds to me!
  • Reason I ask is that running and cycling i'm good at but swimming..the pits!
  • Swiming does not take long to improve at - just get a few one to one lessons

    Then focus on the key sessions - long swim, bike, run focusing on aerobic conditioning

    (well thats my plan)
  • WildWills plan sounds like a good one.

    Personally I hate cycling and have to push myself to do any.
    It is a negative feedback thing...
    I dislike it because I am no good so therefore I do less time because I don't enjoy it and so on.
    Spend more time on the discipline your weakest in is good advice I don't follow.
  • Big target next year will be the 'Comrades' in SA, but intend to do the smaller Tri's and adventure races to beat the boredom of long distance training. Tend to go for overall fitness first, then do the specific bits later. Pro's call this 'Cross-Training', but I'm no pro. Will keep an eye out for the TLD post Comrades.
  • I did TLD this year and thought the atmosphere and organisation was brilliant. Very low key but spot on. Have done HIMUK in the first year up in Llanberis and enjoyed it because it was an "official" Ironman race. But having got the T shirt there is no way I would rush back to do it again over half distance too expensive. If IMUK goes up to full in 2004 then I would strongly consider doing it as a one off - but it would be a tough choice over TLD - because TLD is a class event.
  • What works for me is doing normal tri training plus 3 key workouts per week,1 in each discipline, and throwing in some 'brick' workouts when you follow the long bike ride with a short sharp run. And don't forget strength training - I do two weight workouts per week with low weights and high reps.

    Wolfy - I'm a terrible swimmer, if I can do it so can you.
  • Thanks everyone.

    one more question and you mustn't laugh!

    Are the any Tri's (that serious peeps would do) that allow one to swim in a pool?
  • Yes, Wolfy, there are several tris with pool swims but they tend to be the shorter sprint tris. I did a middle distance one in Denmark that was a pool swim though. Personally I prefer open water as I can't get a good rhythm going in the pool, so to speak.
  • Thanks RM! I do have a real phobia about open water but I suppose that is part of the challenge!

    I am quite interested in getting involved in one of these!
  • My first two open water swims were hell, Wolfy, but as your swimming improves, your confidence gets higher and you start to actually enjoy them. From being the discipline I dreaded earlier in the year, its probably the one I most enjoy now, although it is still relatively my weakest of the three.
  • Ay-up

    I've just started my base training (Base 1)

    During base 1, I am concentrating on keeping in zones 1 & 2 and on getting my key sessions in each week – they are:

    Long Swim, Long Run, Long Bike and weights

    My long swim I am doing as a continuous effort (front crawl) starting at 2500m and adding 200-250m each week
    My long runs, in base 1, are been done as 5min run/1min walk an will be 2-3hrs long
    Long Bike, I have more of a problem with – in as much as it is too hilly round here to keep my HR down – but I’m starting at 3hrs and building up
    Weights I aim to try and do twice per week (full body) to build some strength

    Each week I’ll do extra sessions on top of the key, but aim not to miss the key

    On top of all that I have a TI swimming workshop coming up at the end of this month and a 2 day hike (8-10hrs per day) in the lakes

    So I’m pleased with my start

  • Hi, Im Carl.

    Just started my own thread lol and then noticed yours, ive not read all the posts yet but seems we are at a similar level though my experience is with Running and im very new to swimming.

    Hope to see you at the start line 18/7/04, maybe meet up for some training before hand if you or anyone fancies it.

  • Being completely new to this your (WildWill) training program for Base 1 seems a lot higher duration than mine. Im aiming to train about 5-6 hours per week till the end of the year and not planning to start the long stamina straining till around March as im fearful of over doing it and getting injured.

    Not sure what I should be aiming for but have set milestones to achieve 2000 meter continous swim & 1/2 Marathon by christmas. Sub 3:30:00 Marathon, sub 2:40:00 Olympic Tri & 75 mike cylce by April. After that ill be doing my serious endurance work, bricks, and prep 1/2 ironman in the last 13 weeks.

    I'd like to email my plan to someone to look over if anyone is willing to have a look and give me some pointers.

    PS. That makes the list:

    Big Bopper
    Dazzy Boy
    Matt the Brum
    Carl Barthorpe

  • carl see my post on your thread, you should do more hours training

    ...but of course you'll need to build up to it gradually
  • email me your plan if you like (not doing TLD doing Ironman Austria they clash... labels darling, labels)
  • I'm only a sub 4hr on the marathon front - i'm aiming just to complete at TLD and then to race in florida

    PS Feel free to email me at any time
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