The Longest Day



  • That makes the list:

    Big Bopper
    Dazzy Boy
    Matt the Brum
    Carl Barthorpe
  • Just short of my target of 10hrs for the week - due to snapping chain on my bike during long ride
  • Boing for Monique
  • Ah but this Longest Day is not in sunny climes, still I need to get a plan for next years racing, starts with FLM so I figured I could use my endurance base from that to build up to an ironperson (to be pc about it)
  • PC indead - its Ironman
  • upped to 10.5 hrs this week

    I think i am going to have to start increasing my time on the bike - but its a bit hard this time of year

  • I trained for IM OZ from Jan 'til March.
    7 hour rides in horizontal rain! ;o)

  • Getting back to the list....what time are you looking for? I`ll be aiming for a sub 11...well....I`m old? New age group next year.
  • Dazzy - you'll be a lot faster than me - i intend to pace myself to get round comfortably then use what i lear to aim for a bettr time in florida
  • Did TLD this year. Cant praise the race and the organisation enough. You will have a great day. Managed 10:49 but I don't think anything can prepare you to run a marathon after 5.5+ hours on the bike.

    May be joining you next year.

  • Upped the training agin this week by increaseing my cycling

    Trained a total of 11:42 hrs:mins

    I'm off on my TI workshop this next week so my goal for next week will be to improve my swim effficancy and get equipped to meet my end of year swim targets

  • Re:WildWill "Learning" My first mistake in my 1st IM, was not drinking soon enough getting on the bike.I started cramping at 75 miles (made the run fun;-))
  • Ouch -

    I've learnt to drink lots - at my size you burn a lot of kcals hence need lots of water
  • Now my triple marathon attempt is over I'm going to begin my swimming training for TLD. Doing a Biathlin in December which will be my first taste of swimming and running together.
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