How long do running shoes last

Seems to be a lot of contradictory advice on this ranging from ca 300 miles (competitive runners handbook) to ca 500 miles.

What are others experience with this for a 'normal' stability type shoe rotating every day with a second shoe?




  • I've just changed a pair of Asics 2050s in which I had done over 1000 miles! They were well past their sell-by and I was starting to get pain in both knees. I took quite a bit of time researching a replacement pair and the advice I was consistently given was to change after 600 miles max.

    That said, rate of wear must be linked to body weight and running style. I'm quite light on my feet weighing only 10.5 stones so can probably get away with more wear than someone heavier.

    I've not heard of shoe rotating although I do have race trainers for 10k and under events.
  • I'm quite a heavy bloke, so find I get 400-500 miles out of a pair before I start coming back from a hard run with more pain than I should

    Saying that - I also train and race in the same shoes - which is another factor

  • what's the train/race factor Will?

    I do both in the same pair, have clocked 375 so far and am wondering about how I will know to replace?
  • SL

    The way I can normally tell if my shoes are on the way out is:

    1) Squeezing the cushioning on the heel – it will not recover it shape quickly
    2) I normally find the interior of the shoe starts to break down – leading to more blisters
    3) My calves start to hurt more than normal

    Train / Race – when you race you normally run much harder/faster for longer than you do in training (and normally all on tarmac as opposed to a mix) – so a 10 mile race has a much greater affect on the shoe than a 10 mile training run

  • I forgot one :

    4) the wife wont allow them in the house
  • I think is depends on you weight, running style and running surface. If you're light and neutral then 500-750 might be Ok, if you're heavy with motion control problems then 300-400 would be more like it.

    I tend to buy new shoes every 3 months and gradully switch to the new shoes over 3-4 weeks.
  • I usually reckon on 400-500 miles a pair of shoes. i'm a light weight (8.5 stones). It depends on the shoe to a certain extent. My Mizunos i managed to take up to 500 miles - the New Balance and Saucony i find start to give after about 350-400 miles. The inside starts to fray (Saucony) and the NB harden up round the heel area so that my shins hurt when on longer runs. Also, i tend to develop a lean like the tower of Pisa on my shoes after a few hundred miles.
  • PS - and i usually have 3 pairs on the go at a time.
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