Linlithgow 10K


Did anyone run the linlithgow 10k today.

This was my second 10k, did my first one last week (Edinburgh) and this time managed it in 52.38. This was an improvement of 30 seconds on last week. I was quite pleased given the amount of hills. I'm hoping that the next one I run will be flatter so that I can maybe dip under 50 mins.

How did everyone else find the race?


  • alan,
    i really enjoyed linlithgow race..a good mixture of hills,and nice run around loch...
    not sure of my time..didnt time myself this time...around 40 mins i guess.
    i did 40.12 in edinburgh..
    are linlithgow results on web do you know?
  • Billy

    The results should be on


    sometime soon.

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