On Yer Bike

Help! I've turned 40 and turned all triathlon on myself!!! What's happened. Just done my second one on the Isle of Wight (did the London in Aug) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Any help,advice, guidance on purchasing a decent bike? I'm going to the bike show in Islington this weekend to have a look, though I realise they're expensive. Anyone got anything in the back of their garage they don't use??


  • i use a crap cheapy raleigh mountain bike that weighs a ton and has tractor tires to commute - harder work, better training, not that bothered if it gets nicked
  • That's what I'm currently using too - (with combine harvester attached I think!!), but I'd love to upgrade as it's the bike that's stopping me getting good positions. The swim and the run is fine.
  • any reasonable road bike with spds (or equivalent) and tribars attached then

    personally i think you can get a perfectly good bike in the range £600 - £1,000, although i wouldn't spend less than that as you'll be itching to upgrade within 2 months

    second hand can give good value

    currently i'm on a trek 1500 that i really like, except i'm probably going to switch to bar end shifters (from simple bridged bolt-on tri bars)

    it was slightly out of the price range above, but i bet i could have got the next model down and not noticed much of a difference

  • I've been looking at Trek bikes and also Cannondales and Specialized. They're the only ones that I've come across. I'm actually currently using a friends Marin, but it's straight handlebars and a not too speedy - well not as speedy as I want it to be!
  • any of those three will do fine, but race shoes and good bars will make a difference of (i bet) at least 20 minutes on a 100 mile ride

    easier on hands and knees, too
  • 'easier on hands and knees' Andy ?

    Well you can do that if you want, but I find cycling much much quicker ! ;-)

    If you know what size you are after - have a look in Cycling Weekly (out Thurs) for 2nd hand racers.
  • lol

    my word an amusing scouser... tarby, doddy and the rest must be worried!
  • Thou shalt not take the name of Tarby in vain!!

    Ta for the info re the mag.

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