Monday session (30/9/2002)

Last week cut mileage to about 75% of normal as first part of marathon taper. Mostly felt good although reduced mileage meant I probably ran that 75% harder and a normal week - doh!

So this week will be cutting deep in preparation for Sunday, aim for:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 5 (including some genetal intervals)
Wednesday - 6-7 steady
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 2-3 jog
Saturday - rest

So, in keeping with that schedule today is a rest day.

Last hard day: Last Tuesday.
Last rest: Friday.



  • Good morning everyone. Another sunny one. Shame about having to work.
    What: Recovery run this evening after work.
    Why: Did quite a lot at the weekend, but unlikely to be able to run again until Thursday due to day-job and other-job commitments, so deferring rest day.
    Last hard day: Yesterday.
    Last rest day: Friday.
  • Morning all – quite a pleasant day up hear

    This week I intend to take it easy ready for the GNR which I still don’t know weather to go hard and aim for around 1:45 or just enjoy the day in about 2:00

    What : Either “Nothing” OR “Swim Drills” OR “Turbo Session” OR “Circuits”
    Why : I’m on a bit of a motivational low at the moment, and have the remnants of a cold and a sore throat , so I’m not sure what if anything I’m going to do

    Last Hard Run Tuesday

  • Morning all. VRap, i agree this work thing is a bit inconvienient, it takes up far to much time.

    What - rest day
    Why - hard session in gym yesterday on treadmill - no 15 of RW suggested speedwork sessions.

    Tim - is it the Sittingbourne 10 that you are running. ?
  • what: long run 20 miles or so
    why: marathon in 4 weeks.
    meant to be out this morning but having to go this afternoon instead.
  • what - rest day
    why - did 7 sat with a 5K speed session and 7 sun with lots of hills.
    last rest - Friday
    last hard - Sat

    I've put my entry in for Helsby half in Jan, I'm going to do the Mortimers Forest 10M in Dec (very hilly), and I'm going to run a few(?) XCountries with Ludlow Runners if they will let me - so task for today is to build a training schedule thru to Helsby. I can feel my brain starting to ache now.
  • What : Easy week after Windsor and still feeling below par
    Why : End of 100m day halfM programme and 10k on/off road next weekend

    WW, I think you mentioned Paphos elsewhere recently - Family and me off to Paphos on 27/10 staying in some new resort with kids facilities (yippee) for a week.
    Went to AY AY Napa with the missus in 95 or 96 and drove over to Paphos then.Beachside bit touristy (Pizza hut etc) but there are some cracking history haunts.

    We went for a fortnight then and hired a car for a week and drove over most of the island (mountains,Nicosia,Limassol).

  • that should read
    'end of 100 day halfM programme'
  • Today's session - completed.

    Walked to the bathroom and back. Went downstairs to get clean pair of tights from the airer, then back upstaris to get dressed. Downstairs again for brekkie and walked out to the car. Mr Nessie dropped me off at Safeway, and I walked 400 yards to work. Up in the lift, then 20 yards corridor to desk.

    Last hard session - yesterday (Loch Ness Marathon)

    Next hard session - getting home.
  • Hmm, yess, I can imagine, Nessie!

    Today's triumph - 1K front crawl!! Inspiration provided by the tri a week ago, and the threat of an aquathon in Dec.

    Couldn't resist boasting, even if I've promised not to be a junkie for a while yet.
  • Well done Nessie!

    What: 4.25 mile X-country time trial
    Why: This is one of my regular runs and has been for over 10 years so it's a good measure of the shape I'm in.
    Last hard day: Friday
    Last rest day(s): Saturday and Sunday.
  • Nessie, for a post-marathon recovery session that is mightily impressive. Marj, a 1K swim the day after a 10K race is pretty good too!
  • Today: probably rest after windsor or 30mins spinning at most.
    why: Obvious
    last hard day: sunday
    last rest day: friday

    Need to think through next training regime after having been focused on the 1/2M target, Although there's another half M in the calendar in 4 weeks time... I'd really like to focus in on trimming the 10k time down by a couple of minutes.

    Martin H, I'm not one to complain about typing but I suggest you relook at your plans for tuesday.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Well done Nessie. I imagine your legs are a little bit sore this morning.

    What: 5 mile recovery session + weights
    Why: easy day after yesterday's race
    last hard day: sunday
    last rest day: Saturday
  • Did you write a race report drew? Didn't see your time on the Windsor thread
  • As Vrap points out Martin, you might like to correct your typo - one way or the other!

    What: v easy 4 miles or so
    Why: Another post-race recovery run. Legs (and the rest of me) feel fine this morning (in sharp contrast to last 2 weeks) but with HR hitting the ceiling from the off yesterday, will take it easy & monitor HR closely

    Last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi all,
    What: should be circuit session this evening, but am suffering with a horrid head cold so might give it a miss and take an extra rest day.
    Why: am planning to do an off road 1/2M on Saturday and I don't want to prolong this heady feeling by not resting!
    Last hard: Thurs
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • Hi all. Dustin...the archaeological site at Paphos has been vastly improved since you were there last. It now has a very impressive entrance near the harbour and the guidebook is worth buying if you're into mosaics and Roman stuff. (We are). Have a great time!

    What: managed a half-hour session of front crawl at lunchtime.
    Why: back to teaching, so most training has to be done at lunchtime as evenings are dedicated to the PhD.
    Last rest day: yesterday (although did a 2-hour walk in Chatsworth's grounds)
    Last hard day: so long ago I can't remember!
  • Hi everyone - back to routine after 2 weeks where it all went a bit to pot...only managed 2 runs, one 20 mile walk and one gym session. Now decided to focus on the Gosport Half in Nov.
    So today: 5 miles steady
    Why: club run
    Last hard day: Fri
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • Went out Sunday did hour and half very slow run, trying to keep HR below 140, longest time on legs since GNR 2000.
    Gym tonight - weights
  • Martin,

    I really don't want to draw attention to this :-)

    In your original post you state that you are going to be doing 'genetal intervals'.

    I should have ignored this but feel that I am missing out on some new,radical tapering system.

  • What: 18 mile long run
    Why: I need to do at least one before the marathon
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest day: 8 days ago

    Couldn't do my long run yesterday so have to make up for it tonight, but the weather is good and the paths should be quieter than on a Sunday morning. I am actually looking forward to it - so I might actually do it!

    Congratulations to everyone who raced at the weekend :o)

  • No, No, No, you have it all wrong its not a typo but a Chinese marathon taper technique designed to focus pain on another part of the anatomy.

    The interval session only works if you use an orbital sander........ouch!
  • What _ gentle 8 miles at under 70% HR this morning.
    Last session: Slow lap of Sutton park on Satuday, Fast lap for the Road relays, another slow lap to cool down, plus a lot of running around cheering on our runners.
    Next session - speed session tomorrow - how i am going to reach 85% HR i don't know. I have trouble just reach 80%!!

  • Well after watching the Windsor Half yesterday I think I ought to get off my lazy backside and do something (although I was at the gym early yesterday and did intervals and weights followed by jacuzzi, sauna and steam).

    What: Tempo run in the gym (not sure how far yet)
    Why: Did intervals yesterday and will do a long run Wednesday night

    Last hard day: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Saturday

    Well done to all you folks that raced over the weekend, good stuff.
  • Well, I managed to drag my butt out of my chair and do something – after getting away from work a bit sharp.

    What: 75mins road bike
    Why: Because I got the chance

  • Dangly,
    hope you had a good time at Sutton Park, I felt like death during my leg but at least I didn't embarass the team too much (I wasn't quite the slowest leg).

    What: nothing
    Why: day off Monday
    Last hard run: yesterday
    Last rest day: Today

    Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend...hey, that includes me :-)
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