Fit-fit club, Monday

Hi everyone. Horrid, wall-to-wall today so thought I'd get in early as probably won't have any time later. Well done all who got through a race over the weekend, whatever the time or position. Some Forumites on 'beginners' have persuaded me to enter a 5K, so that's the next goal. I can't quite believe I'm doing this....... when I started in June I couldn't run across the road! Have a good day guys.


  • Morning Sassie and anyone else who's up yet. Great idea to do the 5k Sassie, you know you'll enjoy it really :-)

    EP - congratulations on your 10k. Hope the blisters are getting better and your legs aren't too stiff today.
  • Morning all,
    Well, I've been good so far (yeah, I know it's only early..!!) - have had bran flakes and am now sipping hot water & lemon.. Going to go for a long run this morning. Well done Sassie for entering a 5K - it's amazing how quickly you can improve with running isn't it? I've got my second 10K this Sunday - I'm hoping to beat my previous time of 54.40 as this course is a lot flatter than the last one. I'm intending to go to a running club tomorrow night. I've emailed the 'secretary' and she's invited me along... ooh I'm scared... So how is everyone else this morning then?
    Michelle x
  • Well done, Sassie. You know you can do the distance now - see if you can sustain at least 10 miles a week between now and 5K-day.

    Lest we forget the reason for being here...weigh-in today. I'm at target weight now - a rather silly 7st 7lb - and my training volume has increased sufficiently to maintain this on large amounts of healthy food plus a bit of rubbish here and there. I may not have a Golden Arches habit, but my Scottish sweet tooth more than compensates.
  • V-rap, congratulations. Keep on eating the cakes or you're going to blow away on the GNR.

    And thanks for the reminder, I weighed in at 14st 10lb this morning, another lb or so gone. This was partly the result of my 2hr 5min training run yesterday, my longest ever (yes, ever)and, at my weight, an awful lot of calories worth. At least I now feel happy about the the 1/2 marathon on 20th Oct. 10k the week before, although I may lack pace for that one.
  • V-Rap - well done for reaching your target weight! I have just weighed myself (after your reminder..) and am very sad to report that I have put on 3lbs on the cruise holiday - this was as a result of pure gluttony.. but maybe as I put it on in one week, I can lose it all in one week? Really going to make an effort (where have I heard that one before...?).
    Glenn - well done on the long run - over 2 hours - wow!
    Michelle x
  • Morning all

    Sitting steady at 14st 4lb – October is traditionally the month I put weight on as its my recovery month (well 3 weeks) in-between a 2 cycles per year training programme

    Hey – but everyone has to have a time to chill every now and again

  • Michelle, if you put 3lb on in a week then it's not all going to be F.A.T. - more likely to be a chunk of glycogen, at least a pound of extra water, and no more than half a pound of the white wobbly stuff. So yes, most of it should fall off very quickly!

    I expect to put on a similar amount this week with tapering and carbo-loading for the GNR. Blow away? Not likely! There's bound to be someone a lot bigger than me who will serve as a wind-break. Anyway, with all this muscle from weight-training I'm as dense and compact as cosmic anti-matter. I wish! But have finally learned, after over a year, why all those bench-presses have just given me prominent biceps and deltoids instead of putting some padding over my ribs.

    That's a long, long run, Glenn. Great stuff! So now you're more than ready for that half-marathon - if you can put in over two hours on the road in a solitary training run, it should be no problem in a race (I say, having never actually done a "half" for real). Wouldn't worry about 10K pace. You will be fine!
  • Oops, still eleven and a half stone. But it's a very pretty eleven and a half stone! Once the make-up's in place.......
  • Hi All!
    Glenn - Amazing run - I thought I had done well yesterday with my first run off road ( I always find running on grass harder work, even though its better for me) which was also very hilly. I managed about 9K, in 58 minutes and 2 seconds, and actually felt reasonable when I got back. Must be the leap of faith approach kicking in. I've been eating proper meals for about a month and running and haven't put a single pound on - so V-rap, huge thanks (and many congrats on reaching your target weight!), it works, and I have even got more energy!

    Sassie - where are you going to do your 5K? I would like to have a go and a friendly face would be welcome.....

  • Stumpy, I'm near Leatherhead, in Surrey, so somewhere South of Bedford, preferably! Haven't had time to scan the RW mag pages yet.
  • Hi Sassie
    South of Bedford wold be OK, I'm about 20 minutes from Luton, so maybe somewhere in between might work? I'll have a look through the mag tonight, while trying to find V-rap....
  • Afternoon all,
    Well I kept my promise and went for a 10 mile run... very, very, slowly though! Came back, had a shower, then fell asleep on the settee!! V-Rap - thanks for the info. about my 3lb weight gain - I feel better about it now!
    Michelle x
  • hello all! great to hear about your target weight being achieved v-rap. inspiration for the rest of us. and michelle - 10 miles, yay. well done for the 2 hours glenn, im very impressed. 40 mins is about my max at the mo. did that on thursday morning, along the prom at the beach. it was wonderful. 7am, before the freshers fayre madness, blew away all the cobweds and opened up the energy reserves needed for the rest of the day. i'd foregotten how much hard work is involved being at uni. glad to be back in lectures again now tho - life is just beginning to clam down. am cycling to andf from uni every day now, as well as fitting in as many runs as i can around my cold (i only run when i can breathe comfortably) and social everything. went for a major walk yesterday, over the rhossilli downs on the gower. took 4 hours ish, and am finding stair climbing ridiculously hard today. still, must be doing me good. had my weigh in this morning, and the 2kg i put on last week have gona again, which is doubly impressive to me considering it was freshers week and i ate so much rubbish you wouldnt believe. my house mate and i were each given a box of 30 bags, each of which containied a bag of crisps, a bar of choc and a packet of biscuits. and the obligatory intro means for every housewarming and society. somuch garbage went through my system. i was actually have cravings for vegetables yesterday. i never thought it possible. hope to keep the needle on the scales moving the right way, and be down to 15 stone for crimble though. :-)
    hope tobe back online some time this week. nice to keep up with you all! you are inspirational when im feeling crap, and fantastic company when im on good form.
    keep smiling and having fun,
  • Thanks Michelle for your message left on the thread "New Fat Boy". I've had a very good week. After running 7K on Saturday, 11.5K yesterday, (as well as fitting in a round of golf) I couldn't resist a little climb on the scales and weighed in 4lb lighter at 13st 10lbs. This is great after a short plateau.
  • Well done all!
    Swapped my om call so managed a 2 mile run tonight!
    Am now on my first gin, good for me as its ususally by six if Im at home
    No point commenting on food, no brekkie, 4 celebrations at 11.30, then half a sandwich before clinic
    On call tomorrow, so it will HAVE to be chips at 10 om to get me through the night
    Was trying to give a young (33) chap advice on lifestyle to lower his blood pressure and ended up discussing the relative merits of different crisp flavours!
    I was SO hungry
    Oh well
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