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I usually drink about half a litre on a 10k run. Yesterday I decided to weigh myself before a 5k and after, 1 kg difference. I had been drinking about 350 ml during the run. Does this mean I should drink more? Can't immagine drinking much more than half a litre on a 5 k run.


  • Annemieke
    Apologies for piggy backing on your question but in similar vein:
    How much water should we drink a day (excluding running)? There seem to be figures in 'glasses' litres & pints but I can't find anything definitive.
    How much does it depend on size,age, gender?
  • I have always been told that the best way to judge if you are drinking enough during a normal day, is by the colour of what comes out. You will notice that was you become more dehydrated, your urine becomes thicker and darker, so the opposite is the best, ie clear or almost clear. The impurities give it the colour, so literally wash them out. I does mean that you visit the bathroom more often...

    I would also add that each day is different, so having a arbitary '8 glasses of water' or '2 litres' might be ok in the office, but not nearly close after a day of lying on the beach and/or after a long evening evening swilling beer.

    As for exercise, I usually use the formula of 500ml per hour, based on running at a conversational pace, and average temperature. Again, it depends who you are, and weather/hills/humidity etc.
  • Two litres a day is for an ordinary sedentary type - and lots of people don't even drink that much in a day.
    As Chris say, see what colour your wee is - it should be as near clear as possible (first thing in the morning excepted!).
    I usually drink about 4 litres a day, mostly as herbal/fruit tea PLUS about 1/2 litre when i'm out running and another 1/2 litre of plain water when i arrive home.
    Yes, i do go to the loo a lot!!
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