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  • Hiding's cool - don't force it if you're tired, just nice 'n easy. Can only echo what Bune says.
  • ok there's going to be problems later. I can fell how tight a grip I've got on myself and I'm losing the battle a bit.

    Probably just the tiredness kicking in, though it may be the Prozac leaving the show as well, proabably also some guilt for being in chocolate teapot mode again.
  • Relax the grip, it's not a battle, if you're tired just let go & rest.
  • Erratic's right, Staggers. Go and sleep for a while. You must be exhausted.
  • I will go to bed early tonight (that's the plan). I've spent a while getting out of the habit of wanting to go to bed during the day, because I usually either get headache or don't sleep at night. Better off going to bed about 8:30 and hoping for a longer night.

    But I have found a quiet spot and had a resting sit for a bit, and I'm taking it easy, looking to leave a little earlier than normal.
  • Glad to hear you are taking things easy, Staggers.

    I hope you manage to get a good night's sleep tonight.

    I'm fine. Had such a hectic week last week and that had a knock-on effect this week, ie the tiredness.

    I'm hoping to get out for a run tonight. Don't think it will be that far as it's quite gusty here. Was also toying with the idea of doing a circuit class but I really must get out and run more.

    Take care and let us know how you sleep tonight.

  • Just got back. Ran for 38 minutes so must have been a 3-3.5 mile run I did. It was quite windy for the first half but not so after that. Quite chilly though.

    I now realised that I've missed running outside - the feeling of the breeze on my face, the cold air in the lungs, the lovely sunset...

    I've made the first step and did it, even though it wasn't a very long run.

    I'm so glad I did.

  • Another day, another dollar....

    didn't get to bed early but still managed over 7.5 hours sleep and only woke up a couple of times (I think). Nice calm evenning at home just crashed watching telly.

    Today could be Monday in disguise! The trains were messed up at Woking, so grabbed the first one through, which got most of the way to Vauxhall and died. So try to find another train to finish the journey to Waterloo, just the sort of nice bit of stress you need when you'd rather be at home. So instead of the normal relatively comfortable journey to work, I spent an hour stood up playing sardines.

    A nice sight this morning of the sun rising over the middle of Tower bridge as I walked down to work. Have eaten, and now starting to lose the will to do anything. May jsut look busy and go early, except I've got a mid-period assessment at lunchtime with my boss. That could be hard work even if it is only half an hour.
  • CC good news with the running. Don't knock the tie and distance, you're doing something good and it will build up again. Well done.

  • been a funny day. the travel "fun continued coming fun, but I didn't feel too stressed - apart for the pain doing 35 in the de-res in a volvo!

    Had an appraisal for the last 3 months and found that, aside from feeling as much use as achocolate teapot, things had continued to go well and I had achieved all my primary aims that I had control over. I was gobsmacked, and said so - but as my boss said the sign of a good manager is the one who is unobtrussive and the team functions.

    So after all the trials of the day, I'm surprisingly relaxed and calm. I'm tired and didn't eat much tea, as I wasn't hungry. This seems to be the major side effect at the moment, I can eat in the morning, but after that I need to eat but don't feel a lot of urge to.

    I'm sat here with a beer typng this and enjoying the calm and feeling of peace.
  • Staggers

    So glad to hear that the appraisal went so well.

    That calm and relaxed feeling is nice, isn't it? Glad you still feel like this and are enjoying feeling so. Don't worry about the appetite thing - it will sort itself out. I had this when I first started citalopram (I could hardly eat or sleep for 3 days then had a tough 10 mile off road multi-terrain race to do!) but it did sort itself out!

    As for feeling tired, yep I can relate to that. Does it make you yawn alot too? It did me to start with but, that too, sorts itself out too.

    I was delighted to see such a positive post from you. Hope you have a nice weekend - one that isn't too hectic or stressful.

    Big hug!
  • A quick update.

    Felt reasonably good today and handled a couple of issues without losing it either way. A nice outbreak of daftness this afternoon, getting attacked by wife, small kid and two of the neighbours kids (same age as my small kid) complete with a large bag of leaves they'd collected!

    Only problems today (so far) are a stinking headache that lasted till mid afernoon - possible a hangover but on not much alcohol - and a feeling of tiredness most of the day, which has gone away now it gets to bed time.
  • (((((((((((Staggers)))))))))))))
  • had another good day. played touch rugby with eldest this morning (around watching a lot of rugby). Cooked a good pot roast.

    feel good and peaceful, pretty calm. The support of the last few weeks from everyone has really helped. Thanks folks.

    I hope I can keep going like this. I know it wont all be sweetness and light from here but hopefully there'll be more days like this than the others.
  • Sounds like you had a great day, Staggers.

    Mine was very busy in the gym. Did 5 inductions, plus writing up the programme cards. Didn't get chance to do any cleaning or maintenance (I am on my own on Sundays!), had no lunch either! Feel quite tired now, though.

    Looking forward to working in the running shop tomorrow. Boys off to the local leisure centre children's activities for the days I am at work. Then hope to do something nice with them for the 2 days I am not working!

    Hoping to get to the gym tomorrow for a weights session and, all being well, go for a run Tues evening. Then I've just got Wed and Thurs evenings to fill.

    Glad to hear that some of my rantings may have been useful to you.

  • Creamcake
    to me you are an inspiration
  • busy lady CC! sounds like you've lots of good things going on and, more importantly, you're enjoying it. Keep up the great work.
  • Not been a bad day. Got up and out ok, felt relaxed not quite happy but calm. I've not got a lot done at work but enough to feel like I've done something. Now started to feel tired, which would tie in with having a restless night - kept waking up, not for long but its still a pain.

    Definitely noticing a reduction in food needs - maybe I'm not comfort eating. Haven't eaten a full meal since Thursday, I keep filling up about 3/4's of the way through. I even ignored the biscuits today, so feeling a little virtuous as well. I might try a run tonight depending how cold it is - not really a wimpy statemnet more due to being run down and not wanting to risk getting a chill. There's plenty of time to get back into running before next summer, and if I am eating less I might lose some weight which will make the running easier to go back to (I think).
  • Staggs

    you on Effexor now ? were you on prozac before ?

    intersting take on food - ive been a bit wary of the antidepressants because i didnt want to gain any more weight than i had initially before my hypothyroid was sorted

    my appetite has been carp for ages and im sure ive gained weight more easily since being on effexor - as ive piled on over a stone since starting taking it in april - despite being more active over the last few months

    some peeps find that they do lose weight with proxac and interesting it is also used to treat bulimia so it may have some impact on appetite

    ive found that i feel physically full all the time and eating makes me feel quite uncomfortable sometimes - and its a bit of a problem as im trying to eat more healthily to have enough energy - i wonder if the anti ds are part of this
  • Hi Bune,
    Yes I'm on Efexor Xl after Prozac. My weight has been rising gently since mid September, when I went on Prozac.

    BUT, my need for sugary foods has been higher and my "need" for lagar has also been high - at least two bottles a night during the week and more at weekend (plus wine and spirits on Sat and Sun), so its hard to directly blame the a/deps. I'm going to monitor it over the next few weeks as I started the running to lose some weight as well as get fitter. And lets be honest I can hide some of it, but I'm in a high stress occupation and am suseptible to depression so being nearer my ideal weight will help in a lot of ways (lower stress, better self image, etc).
  • theres a link between serotonin and carbohydrates - basically i think low serotonin might cause carb cravings - so perhaps the way the drugs work - improving serotonin uptake - might lead to a nned for more carbs - dunno how scientific the 2nd part is hypothetical on my part

    there are some food s that are supposed to help with depression - oily fish, oats nuts and think rich in efas and bvits for stress plus some minerals too

    a low fat diet has been linked with depression too
  • I thought the tabs were serotonin uptake inhibitors, so if your theory is correct then the tabs should help reduce the comfort eating of chocolate and the like. Strangely enough, I was going to look for some Omega-3 capsules with a general multivitamin.
  • ssri's are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors - so i think they stop the serotonin from being 'lost' from the receptors buy being taken back into the system and helping the serotonin to bind to the receptors so more serotonin is available to the brain

    not sure how that relates to my theory - but in low serotonin there can be carb craving and chronic stress also makes chemical demands on the body that can result in nutritional depletion
  • sounds feasible Bune.

    had a duff night last night waking quite frequently, following on from dipping down a bit later on in the day. Still feel down this morning, but can see some brightness in things, but the tiredness is not helping.

    I feel edgy and tight. There is a problem at work that I'm handling ok, and the rest of the day is busy as well. I'm about to have 4 days off work and going away, which will involve flying and a new place both of which are stressful. But I am looking forward to the break.

    I'm definitely not as with it either so it will feel a long day.

    I'm not worrying about feeling down, as I accept there will be good and bad days. I hope to sleep better tonight as that really does help me a lot.
  • You've been sounding good these last few days, Staggers - just take it nice & easy & try not to force things (easier said than done!) Ease back a bit if you can when the tiredness hits, resting if sleeping not an option. Some days will be better than others & you're doing just fine, just make allowances for those days when you need to. Try not to get distracted by the appetite/weight loss/gain thing - just eat what you can, when you can, (maybe little & often?) maintaining some kind of nutritional balance if you can while you wait for your appetite to recover - my appetite flew out the window with everything cardboardy mushy, so it came down to the basics of just providing fuel for the body (got heavily into carbs, especially pasta!) but it'll come back.
  • I have been good these last few days, but I was prepared to have more bad days - no delusions of a quick fix and all is right, this will be a long slog so enjoy the ups and don't get too upset by the downs. The sleeping hasn't settled yet on the new tablets, but I'm sure it will as its already better than the week before. And I'm busy at work, not as effective as I'd like to be but again compared to a recent experience, more use than I have been.

    Small steps, one after the other. Some may need to be retaken, some will get me forward, but I will move forward over time.
  • Back from the long weekend break. Not 100% successfully, but didn't expect it to be perfect so no great upset there. We had time to talk about some areas of our life/relationship that not working for us. And its wasn't all one-way, though I did sometimes feel it all comes back to me....

    Managed to handle a few downs, again not totally surprising they happened as travel and strange beds don't usually agree with me. Also, as we were in the city centre and it was noisy when the pubs closed (12:30) and then the night clubs (2:30), peaceful it was not! So it wasn't that restful, but it helped a bit (I think).

    I think that the tablets must be starting to cut in now as I'm feeling "normal" more often. There are still some nasty drops, but that's the nature of it isn't it?

    Have decided (again) that to change some things in my life. Diet has to improve, and alcohol needs to be cut at least during the week - but I feel like doing it now, and not just saying it. I think exercise needs to take a serious bit of commitment as well. These should be a practical step to help with self image and hence confidence.
  • Hi staggs - sounds good - just set yourself small achievable targets and reward yourself with praise or a treat when you do achieve each bit

    dont try too much too soon so you fall down and then get dissillusioned - change somelittle part each week - so say work on the booze for mon - thurs nights and then next week try and get an exercise sess in - doing something you like

    physical activity IS great for lifting when youre down - can you incorporate a bit more walking into your life - stairs not lifts or escalators, park at the far end of carparks so you have to walk, get off the train astop earlier so you have to walk to work or car, walk to paper shop etc

    and take walking breaks at work - break or lunchtime and use that as a way of cutting down on eating time

    all of this will make you feel fitter, brighter and improve your self esteem as you feel those changes
  • A quick morning update.

    Suffering a serious attack of the bounce today, I could be mistaken for Tiggr, which makes a change from Ee-ore (or how ever you spell it).

    Rubbish night's sleep, but don't feel weary just tired so that's an improvement. (just realised I've forgotten to take my pill, oops) I need to concentrate and work well today, but I think that should be ok as yesterday I was more like my "normal" self during the day.
  • i think the Effexor is kicking in - it does seem to work quickly - and you can sometimes get a slight 'high' as depression starts to lift - it is a bit like the bounce effect - boing up you go - but you dont crash down, just find a more reasonable level - the drugs help that - and the rest is up to you

    try not to miss them tho- i manage by having a routine - after breakfast pop the pill - but if my routine gets disrupted i do forget the little peach pill !
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