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  • TITLE Sit Down

    ALBUM · James (1990)

    I’ll sing myself to sleep
    A song from the darkest hour
    Secrets I can’t keep
    Inside of the day
    Swing from high to deep
    Extremes of sweet and sour
    Hope that God exists
    I hope I pray

    Drawn by the undertow
    My life is out of control
    I believe this wave will bear my weight
    So let it flow

    Oh sit down
    Sit down next to me
    Sit down, down, down, down, down
    In sympathy

    Now I’m relieved to hear
    That you’ve been to some far out places
    It’s hard to carry on
    When you feel all alone
    Now I’ve swung back down again
    It’s worse than it was before
    If I hadn’t seen such riches
    I could live with being poor
    Oh sit down
    Sit down next to me
    Sit down, down, down, down, down
    In sympathy

    Those who feel the breath of sadness
    Sit down next to me
    Those who find they’re touched by madness
    Sit down next to me
    Those who find themselves ridiculous
    Sit down next to me
    Love, in fear, in hate, in tears


    Oh sit down
    Sit down next to me
    Sit down, down, down, down, down
    In sympathy

    Oh sit down
    Sit down next to me
    Sit down, down, down, down, down
    In sympathy

  • Staggs
    Go and see that doctor
  • Staggs

    go see the doc

    sweet things sometimes help in the night - tea and biscs &c

    you're having a horrid time, you need to be very very kind to yourself. It will come to an end, and there will be more good times.

  • Staggers (sorry if I've missed this........) are you seeing a therapist?
  • No.

    Possibly stubborn, but need to get some thoughts in order before adventuring back in to therapy land.......
  • With all due respect (which means I'm about to disagree with you :-).........

    the therapy is to help you get your thoughts in order.

    To do it the way round you suggest is like hiring a cleaner but cleaning the house before she comes because you don't want her to see it in a mess!
  • I agree with sassie on this one

    You arent really coping with this on your own at the mo are you
  • No


    Sort of

    At times

    There are some good days, its bad today because I'm tired.

  • stop making excuses
  • what and get some one else to make them for me?

    not a personal comment but its partly how I feel about therapy/analysis.

    I'll see what my GP says about it, promise.
  • I'm only qualified to administer cuddles, I'm afraid.

  • Right seeing my GP next on Tuesday, which will save time/effort.

  • Was just about to order you to do that!

    And you've got to let go of the 'making excuses' thing. Your depression's very real and has real causes to which you react in a normal way. As I see it, you need to get a proper understanding of the problems before you can do anything about them (beyond munching pills, anyway). Trust me, I'm an official nutter!

    All the best with it, and keep that mind open.
  • :-P Swerve, I had a letter before saying I was offically not a nutter any more!
  • Slept better last night, not really surprising, but a good 7 hours. Woke once, turned over and woke again with the alarm in exactly the same position.

    Because of the sleep, I feel a lot easier than yesterday, but still a little brittle. Lots to do today, including first contacts with some people which I always find a bit hard.

    Home life still a bit tense, but there are periods of relief. Just need the kids to *think* for a few days, but they've got a big treat tomorrow so that might help.
  • Where were you expecting the alarm to be when you woke up? ;-)
  • in the bin!
  • the day is going downhill. some conversation in the formums has got me wound and down, which is a pain cos I'd been having an effective day up till then. Now just feel like going somewhere else (no not home)...
  • a lot of my depression is caused by me bottling things up and not letting go of things. Then you brood on it. then you feel guilty about brooding and start feeling bad about something which starts off as minor (almost petty in some cases) and we all go round again.

    I'm tired again, not surprising ne night doesn't make up for a week, any more than a couple of months sleep will make up for 5 years or more.

    I need to do some solid thinking this weekend, and I need to talk some things out, for better or worse, but things have to move on.
  • hey sweetie
    which threads?

    Hope all goes well with the Gp on tuesady
  • Oh Staggers!

    Didn't know about those convos - and here's me wittering about balloons an sugar.

    Have another ((((((((hug))))))) and i hope tomorrow is better...

  • ladies, its the normal group on Plodders and I got wound up by the conversation. No ones fault, it was jsut the conversation got to me, probably it felt close to home and it just upset that other people find the similar things in their lives as well.
  • xx
  • how you doing Hippo?
  • [wonders if admitting that sometimes same thing happens to Jj on FFF late at night, causing leopardine retreat, would help...]
  • ((((((((((Jj))))))))))

    its us sensitive souls :-)

  • Hi staggers. I haven't been on here much recently but sounds as if your having a bad couple of days. Really sorry to hear that. Hold on to the fact that good days happen in between. And don't totally dismiss therapy. Sometimes it's a case of finding someone who is good for YOU. It's a relationship thing too. Wish I could help but all I can do is say I'm thinking of you and send some hugs.....

  • Had a duff afternoon today. Had to do the ironing to feel useful, it just made me feel like I was contributing.

    Good day yesterday, but cold and tired by the end. Slept ok (about 8 hours) but awake at 6 this morning. Just been very up tight all day, short of patience with the kids and breathless (i.e. tense). Did do 30 mins in the exercise bike on a heart training session, which is good but didn't want to go running, a bit of not wanting to be seen.

    Will hopefully sleep ok tonight as I've calmed down a bit.
  • Did you manage to talk, Staggers?
  • no. :-(

    very brief conversation along lines of

    "I know I'm going to get better, but its bloody awful at times at the moment and there'll be more of that before the end."

    "I know, but we'll get through it"
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