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  • Today has not started too promising. I had to read myself to sleep last night, and then woke early (about 5:30) so a bit short on sleep, given I was tired most of yesterday.

    As I said above, the needed conversations didn't happen, but the general mood at home is a little lighter and more understanding.

    At the moment, I feel down. Not bad, but definitely not good. I don't think today is going to be a good day - no enthusiasm, focus or interest in anything. Could just stare into space all day and sigh.
  • Sometimes you don't need to say a lot, provided what you DO say is well-chosen and that you keep your earholes open too. Not always easy in the midst of depression.
  • yer not hiding Jj.... but you look the same!
  • got to work, but want to hide.

    feel sad and inconsequential.

    Even chatting on the threads is not really uplifting today - a bit of a case of everyone sound's happy but I'm not...
  • >>>Silent and unhurried hug for Staggers<<<

    You're important. You really are.

    Do you get highs as well, or just deep lows?
  • at the moment very bad lows, with some slight highs (above what I would call normal), but nothing much in the last 3 weeks.

    Anything above the pit is good at the moment and gratefully accepted for the break it provides.
  • What about at other times? Do you get long spells of being a bit euphoric? Sometimes that happens even in peeps who don't have full-blown manic episodes.

  • yes. I get some extended highs, plus extreme focus - useful with the job I do.
  • Some compensation, then, though little enough when you're in the grips of an extended low. I've occasionally wondered if life might be more colourful for those whose mood over time could be illustrated using a curve with big waves on it. It certainly seems to be a feature of artistic people and big generators of ideas.

    You can be sure that things will get better and you'll be cheerful and productive again. And your boss is bound to have realised that too.
  • yes it is a compensation.

    need to find the end of this tunnel...
  • [waves from little glowing point not awfully far away]
  • got through tolunchtime, but I'm seriously just watching the clock tick - probably done about an hour's work all morning. I don't think I've hit the bottom of this one yet.
  • ((((((((HUG))))))))

    On the sleeping thing have you tried relaxation excersises, deep rythmic breathing or visualisation excersies, like lying on a beach feeling the sun and hearing the waves etc (obviously it can be anywhere you feel safe and calm). That used to (and still does) really help me when i'm having a bad time.

    <<Sorry if you've already been given that advice.>>
  • Hi Staggs

    sounds like you are really in the pit

    dont forget that sleep disturbance is a major factor in clinical depression , along with constant exhaustions - so the sleep pattern disruptions are not 'your' doing - its your disturbed brain chemistry - so dont give yourself a hard time about it -just accept it as a symptom

    do anything you can to relax, and get sleep when you can - if you are tired all the time your functioning will be diminshed so be gentle with yourself
  • interesting article:

  • Interesting article there Staggers. I guess at the end of the day it is horses for courses so to speak.
  • Very interesting, Staggers!

    I could tell a few stories - but not in a public forum.
  • Well the afternoon has pretty much been a wipe out as well. about 3 useful conversations all less than 10 minutes, and that's about it. Not good.

    I need to rest, try not to get worried about the sleep side if I am resting..... Go for relaxed (find the relaxation tape I have some where)
  • Well got home ok, hid in the paper and listened to music, which meant I'd didn't sit thinking. Got home to wife going out unexpectedly (blood donor session) and Sports boy having felt ill at school.
    So not a nice relaxing evenning, but not too stressful (?).
  • hmm, but at gone midnight and I'm still awake......

    had a talk, not sure where its taking me.

    Feeling bad.
  • at least youve started talking
  • seriously bad today, walked very slowly (by my standards) and nearly just stopped at a bench on the way. Not hungrey, but know I must eat. Tired but that's not a surprise. Must work but can't be bothered.

  • Staggers, I'm going to say this once more, and then I won't post ever again until you do it:-


  • may be I need a hobby so I don't have time to sit and think. Or is that just putting off sorting out the problems? boredom leads to depression. bu my expectations are too high and then I fail to achieve then or other people let me down - maybe they don't know or understand the expectations.
  • Keep talking, Staggers. But not on here. Do as the good vicar says. It's like the Samaritans ads - sometimes you'll get most help from someone who isn't close to you and has no reservations about challenging negative patterns of thought or behaviour because they're going to forget all about you after the session is over.

    I don't do anything more than brief intervention in my job, but even that lets me do far more for my patients than I can ever hope to do for friends or family.
  • well I'm off to the doc's tonight.

    I'm falling back into bad habits (too much alcohol, coffee and food), not doing much exercise, sleep has deteriorated again and I'm having more negative episodes than anything else. So I'm not coping on the tablets (and I don't think these are helping as well as the others did, but then may be I'm just going through a different part of the illness).
  • They are quite clearly not working, Staggers. When somebody is having an acute severe episode of depression, effective medication doesn't leave you thinking "well, maybe I am a tiny little bit better...". You KNOW if they're working because within 4-6 weeks you feel a LOT better. About 3 people in 4 will respond to each antidepressant, and if one doesn't work, a different one often does.

    You'll cope better with "talking treatments" if you're also taking an effective antidepressant. If your head is full of words and thoughts and you lack motivation and can't prioritise, psychological therapies can sometimes leave you feeling a bit scrambled. Getting your brain chemistry sorted out is important.
  • Staggers, V-rap is right, you need to sort your happy pills out. But I think you also need someone to talk to in the short term (and not the other half, though you'll need to talk to her too before long). If not a therapist, or a mate, then pick up the phone and ring the Sams - you don't need to be on a high ledge before you speak to them, just troubled. It may very well not sort you out in the long term, but you'd be surprised what an effect talking to someone you can talk to openly will have.

    All the best, mate.
  • serious thought: the breakdown of sleeping has been worse on this a/d but in the four weeks I've been on it, I've not been able to do much exercise. Prior to changing, I was doing regular exercise training to the 10k and I slept better. I've totally reversed at the moment, from 2 bad nights in four weeks, to 3 good nights in the last 3 weeks. Starting a/d's coincided closely with me doing some exercise more regularly.....

    Vrap, yes my thoughts are scrambled at the moment, and I'm skipping around ideas/theories/feelings/etc. ANd that is partly why I'm against talking cos I can't think straight for long enough to get someone a clear view of what is going on in my head. But maybe starting talking now will help start getting something. To be honest at the moment I'm in state... lets see what is said tonight.
  • just looked up our Employee Assistance Programming and they do counciling as well, either by phone or up to 8 sessions face-to-face
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