Where's Jonny C? I'm Right Here Sorry!

Hi Guys Especially ironwolf.

Sorry for the mix up. Decided on email and not phone as the main means of keeping in touch I guess that was a mistake. Ironwolf I'm sure I sent a text message as well - I guess I must have mis dialled.

I'm afraid I didn't get to Bad Durkheim as I was running out of time I jumped ahead by train to the black forest.I've sent you an email now.

Finished the Alps including San Gotthard pass 2100m with 30-40?kg of gear in the panniers! I've got four v long emails about my trip written in internet cafe's. Will fwd to anyone interested. Pix may get on the photopic website when i get around to it.

Happy to say Im v suntanned and half a stone lighter despite much eating of swiss chocolate bars!!!

Jonny C


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