i have been running for about 4months and run about 20 miles per week. i have been doing speedwork and long runs but during all this time i hardly sweat, i notice that my clothes are a bit sweaty when i get back form my run, but my face and head don't sweat at all....is there something wrong, i have tried drinking more water but it just makes me need the loo....what can i do?


  • Lisa, when I run the sweat pours off me so much that you'd be forgiven for thinking that someone had just emptied a bucket over my head. But the only reason we sweat at all is to cool our bodies. If you're not overheating then you're sweating enough.

    Your body is probably better at judging the right quantity of sweat than mine is. My guess is that your head and face do sweat but that the sweat evaporates and cools you down. Unless you get hot and uncomfortable I'd say there was nothing to worry about.
  • We vary hugely in where, and how much, our bodies sweat, Lisa. Don't worry. As long as you feel well, you can regard the fact that you don't end up with a red face and rivulets running off your chin as a bonus.

    It's said that women sweat less than men, although I'm joining Ross in the wring-out-your-kit camp. When I come in from a run, the kids check my back to see if the heart-shaped damp patch ("cos Mummy loves us all, even when she's out running") is there.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • On a vaguely related matter, has anyone got any ideas about how I can stop the stinging sweat from getting into my eyes?
  • I've never tried it Ross but how about a John McEnroe style headband?

    I'll skip the gag about sweaty bullocks!

  • One of those towelling bands around your forehead might do the trick, Ross. Or fit little gutters to the outsides of your eyebrows.
  • I might have to see if I can get a headband then. The baseball cap helps a bit - it's a nice cotton one that soaks up the sweat, but it doesn't catch all of it.

    Can you buy those little gutter things in HomeBase? :-) Seriously though, I was wondering whether vaseline on my eyebrows might help redirect the sweat? Isn't that what boxers do?
  • thanks guys, guess i'm not destined to be a sweaty person then...........and thanks for not mentioning sweaty bullocks ;-)
  • I wear a towelling sweatband round the head to stop the sweat dripping in my eyes. If you do go down with route, try to find a non-branded sweatband. The branded ones i have tried have cost a fortune (like ££££s) and lasted about 6 months. The one i have i picked up from an Indian gentleman on the market after having a word with him about what i wanted - cost 99p and i've washed and worn it about 2-3 years so far.
    Ref the vaseline on the eyebrows - i've seen several people do it for running, so presume it must work.
  • Sweat pours of me like a waterfall and sweat in the eyes stings me so much so I carry a hanky in my hand and give my forehead and face a wipe before it gets to my eyes.
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