Minor arch discomfort and new shoes

A little background: I recently changed shoes moving from stability (Asics 2160) to neutral shoes. I decided to make the switch after getting a gait analysis and speaking with my Physio. I've been suffering from Achilles Tendinopathy and retrocalcaneal bursitis for some time and after speaking to my podiatrist he was in agreement that a shoe with a soft heel counter might help the bursitis in the short term while I get my hips, core and glutes in better shape.

I have a few shoes on order and my first pair arrived this morning. I took my Nike Free 5.0 for a 3 mile run this morning. They felt great after about a mile but now I'm feeling a little discomfort in both arches. Is this normal when switching to a neutral shoe or could this be a sign they aren't right for me? I'm just not sure what to expect since I've always been in a stability shoe. Thanks in advance for the advice.


  • from my knowledge the nike free should due to its flexibility allow your arch to function properly that is it will allow it to flex more than your previous support shoes.

    I would tentatively suggest your feet have become weakened in the support shoes as the muscle of your feet are supported to a point where they arent worked and therefore get weaker. Now you in the nike frees- which are less supportive, your feet are having to do some work (gasp!) and so they are prob aching from this...


  • The answer to your question in the heading is... yes.

    The Free 5.0 is not just neutral but technically a "minimalist" shoe - allbeit a fairly cushioned version of one.

    Given your bursitis issues, it is one of the few shoes I can think of that has the super soft heel counter you need - but remember it has a lot less structure than most standard neutral road shoes so will make your feet have to work harder and support themsleves (as avit points out above) - and why they will feel sore.

    Let them recover and keep going - may start back with some runs of only 1 mile this time while your body adapts - and build up to 3.

  • Thanks Avit & Waylon. I hoped that I was just dealing with adjustment issues but with the long list of running injuries I've had, I start to worry everytime I feel a twinge. Will take your advice and back off a bit until my body adapts. Thanks again for the advice and reassurance.

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