Thanks V-rap

V-rap - thanks for your encouragement last week re: my calf muscles. Rested completely for the week, had a couple of visits to the physio and a brief 30 minute run on Saturday. Did the Windsor half marathon yesterday in 2 hours - my original goal (first ever half marathon) & not even a twinge.

My mental state was more of a problem than my physical state, but your post really helped. Cheers


  • Well done, Amanda. Excellent time. I am still only dreaming of sustaining that sort of speed over that sort of distance. I haven't caught up on the Windsor post-race posts properly yet - did you have a good day? Going back next year? How do you feel today?

    Thanks for the feedback - I like to think that my posts can do a bit of good occasionally and aren't always mistimed kicks up the butt!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • I'd like to jojn the Velociraptor love-in! Now there's a scary thought!

    I posted a few weeks back about a similar problem with my calves / achilles tendons that was stopping me training for my first running event - The Bristol Half Marathon. I couldn't find the original thread to say thanks to Velociraptor for encouragement so this seems a convenient place to say it.

    Briefly, I began running in July. Got to my target of eight miles after eight weeks before getting injured. I was then ready to quit before getting encouragment from these boards.

    With a month to go before the Half Marathon I rested completely for two weeks before maintaining my stamina through long cycle rides for the final two weeks. About three days before the Half Marathon I ran one training run of about three miles.

    This meant as I started the Half Marathon I had only run three miles during the previous month and I had never run further than 8 miles before in my life!

    I intended to run/walk the event, aiming for a time of about 2 1/2 hours. I just wanted to finish. I started right at the back but as the pace was fairly slow and comfortable I just relaxed and forgot all about walking! I gradually increased my pace and ended up running the whole way. I finished in around 2 hours 6 minutes! My calves / tendons were fine.

    So thanks for the encouragement to complete my first event which I enjoyed enormously. I wanted to punch the air as I went through the finish line but felt a bit silly so I didn't. I then felt even sillier that I'd felt silly crossing the line after all that effort (!!!). I wanted to go back through the finish line again to celebrate properly ... but you can't can you. So, as I've now got the bug I think I'll have to wait for that punching-the-air moment when I complete my first marathon ... after training properly this time of course!

    While I'm here thanks to Shattered Shins and Bouncer is in order as well. Looks like this running thing may continue a while longer after all.
  • V-rap

    Yesterday was good, if slightly hot....and, I would say it was more hilly than undulating (but then what would I know having never done one before!). Around mile 9/10, I was wondering what on earth I was doing there, but kept on plodding on.

    Still not sure I'll do another one, but then again, when you've done one the next one is bound to be easier isn't it?.... Had a massage after the race, which I think helped as am only slightly aching today - will probably do some stretches later.

    Good fun tho' and having friends and family at different parts of the course shouting encouragement really helped.
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