Biddenham 10k River Run

I ran at Biddenham yesterday (29/9/02) and just had to post what a good event it was. Well organised, good atmosphere, scenic course, and all done in aid of a palliative care home in Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire.

It seemed to be far more popular this year, with more runners and more spectators, but it didn't lose any of its atmosphere or friendlines.

I enjoyed it particularly as I equalled my PB for 10k and it's a tougher course than that on which I set the PB.

Did anyone else run Biddenham? What did you think? Roll on next year is what I say!

Happy H


  • Well done HH, good run!
  • Thanks hilly
  • Hello Happy Hobbit,
    I also ran Biddenhams 10k yesterday. My first race since 1996. I really enjoyed it aswell, about 9k of it was off road and very scenic.

    Like you say, a great atmosphere and roll on next year.
  • This was my first ever 10K, having only ever done the 5k race for life in June. It was a lovely route and seemed friendly and well organised to me too.

    However, I was really disappointed with my time (63.16) - I was aiming for 60mins, which I know I should be capable of. I'm not really sure what my problem was - I started out OK at my target pace but just struggled all the way from about 2k onwards - despite running the distance at almost the same speed last week! This was preceded by a particularly stressful week with one of my kids in hospital (ruptured appendix), and so I hadn't run all week. Obviously just a bad day - at least it can only get better! I shall definetely do this again next year.
  • Hi Jo

    Were you aiming for 60mins knowing what the course was like and having trained on something similar? If not then you shouldn't feel too disheartened. After all, you had to run up and down steps over stiles, through a gate and across fields with what could hardly be described as smooth surfaces.

    I got held up after the stile between 8 and 9k as I was too polite to muscle in in front of this guy who I was just about to overtake. The footpath after the stile was too narrow and treacherous underfoot to attempt to pass. I had to really pick up in the last 1k.

    Oh, and wasn't it rather a hot day?

    Anyway, next year you'll know what to expect and I'm sure you'll well and truly beat 60mins if you are determined to do so. Might see you there.

    Happy H

    PS. Hope your kid is OK
  • Thanks for the encouragement HH! I had a fair idea what to expect - I think it was just an 'off' day - towards the end I had motivation problems. Far from being held up at the stile, it was deserted when I got there, although I nearly fell off the far side of it (wobbly legs!), then the stinging nettles on that narrow path got me etc.. ho hum
  • Sorry HH - should have said Thanks for the enquiry about the sick kid - hubby collected him from hospital whilst I was running - now looks considerably thinner, but on the mend.
  • Glad your kid is OK and good luck with setting about beating 60mins in the near future.

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