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I live (and run) in South China and so have to cope with horrendous humidity as well as being unfit and overweight. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with the hunidity - it is so draining I can only manage about 10 minutes running before having. I drink loads of water (over 4 litres a day) would sport drinks be more bwenificial than just plain water?
Also, I want to lose weight and saw on a posting someone mentioned a 40/40/20 carbs, protein fat balance - can anyone elaborate please? What portion sizes etc.
Finally, I started running in May with a colleague but she's now left to live in Hong Kong so I'm here all on my own and motivation is flagging. Anyone fancy being a virtual running partner? Just need a bit of a kick up the a**** to do a bit more


  • Whoops - should be humidity not hunidity. Good job I gave up on the teaching English!!!
    Hopefully be more successful on the running
  • Adjusting to the humidity is as much part of the training as being able to run. In extreme heat you can make yourself ill very quickly by over heating (I'm sure you know this). I think the best thing is probably to do the run/walk thing as you adjust, either that, or make sure you are running at the coolest part of the day, perhaps early in the morning, just after sunrise. Isotonic drinks maybe more beneficial to replace some of the salts you lose when sweating. If you are exercising for a longer period, say longer than 30 mins, it would probably be a good idea.

    As for the weight loss thing, I know nothing about that, I just run a lot. There must be some people who have more experince running in humidity - I imagine that there are running clubs online in the US that deal with the same problems
  • Sara, good for you for keeping going when your friend left.
    the humidity is hard to deal with unless you are born to it. As Chris says, lots of water. Make sure you are topped up before you start out. Some sports drink may be helpful. Try mixing half and half, juice and water with a pinch of salt to see if it makes a difference before spending lots of cash on expensive drinks.
    Take it easy until you are more used to the weather. would it help to wear less (how much do you need to wear to be decent out there?) Some high performance clothing that wicks the sweat away from your body may be helpful, although if it is really humid, i suppose it would work in reverse and make you even wetter.
    Ref the diet: make most of what you eat good solid carbohydrate (potatoes/pasta/bread type of stuff) then add a lot of fruit and vegetables and a little bit of protein/fat - ie: meat/ eggs/ soya/ fish. If you are running lots you will start to lose some weight anyway, unless you eat massive amounts.
    Good luck.
    Zap me an e-mail if you want a chat.
  • Hi Sara.

    Where I live it's quite humid and I find that wicking clothes (especially t-shirts) are a big no-no. Cotton t-shirts are much more comfortable (finally a good use for all those old race freebies!) as are loose fitting shorts. The locals don't seem to wear too much technical stuff and they all seem to run ok. Add to that, they've been living here a lot longer than me so they should know!

    Lots of water is essential, and I've found homemade isotonic drink (as described by DS) is great and helps me recover quickly.

    There's plenty of support on this forum, so do use it.

    Good luck and keep up the excellent work.

  • Sara - I live in Dubai, where the humidity is high for 4 months of the year, at least. Although I have only just started running seriously (just over 2 months ago) I have researched quite a bit about running in the heat as it is only now starting to get cooler.
    Look at these articles for some advice:

    Could you train on a treadmill on really humid days maybe? That's what I had to do.

    As for weight loss, I always point people to: www.fatlosstips.com and http://www.intense-workout.com/weight_loss.html
    for good, candid advice.

  • Hi all
    thanks for all the support and advice. I was running at 5am in the height of the summer to avoid the heat but now it's cooled down a bit i run in the evening. I think my main thing now is to remove the imaginary walls I've set for myself and run through them instead of walking. I'll definitely try the isotonic drink and am off now to have a look at the websites, so once again thanks all.
  • Sara
    Have you had a look at the Training thread, there usually a virtual running team there each day eg 'Tuesday Session' of course your Tuesday may be our Wednesday but I'm sure you'll get used to it :-)

    Some of the posters are regulars and quite fit but others are 'more normal', they are all quite friendly.
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