Running on Air

Well have now gone and done it! What you might ask - Saturday morning found me in Reading visiting Sweatshop to buy myself a decent pair of running shoes as so many people had been telling me I needed to have the right shoes for many reasons. To my horror I had to run across a scan mat in front of a shop full of people - arghhhhhhhh! Oh well I thought what the hell they must have all had to do this so did a jog across the shop and hit the mat with my right foot - ah easy i thought - now back for the left foot - hmm missed the mat with my stride, second go I only got half a foot on - 3rd time lucky and a whole left foot was then displayed on the monitor so they could tell me what sort of shoe I needed from how my foot had landed on the mat - wow technology is good - the assistant was very helpfull and then proceeded to show me all the shoes available for a "neutral" runner - first pair I tried was NIke Pegasus 2002 - they fitted like a glove and boy were they different from what I had been expecting and currently using. Did a practise jog along the back balcony and I was away floating on air - which was true as NIKE use AIR for their shoes - the next few I tried were not so good so I happily purchased my now much loved shoes - tried them yesterday and they were brilliant - running any faster? not too sure but did not feel so jolted on each step showing me how important it is to have some proper footware.As you might tell I am over the moon with this purchase - sad? yep quite probably but who cares :)


  • I think the pegasus will be my next pair too - have some storm pegasus for off roady type running, and it does feel like you've got some pillows on your feet!
    good to see you're still enjoying the running
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