Couch 2 5k advice

Hi all, Would like to pick your brains please. I seem to be struggling with building up my distance. I'm on c25k and have been struggling on week 3 (shocking that its only a 3 min interval). Hoping its just down to having mild sniffles. Any way - not sure how to build up. Would you suggest maybe revisiting week 2, continue as I am until I can complete the intervals relatively comfortably, or push on to week 4 as is? I run c25k 3 times a week and run a 5k on Sundays at present. Thanks Martin


  • Hey RMR, you say you run a 5k on Sundays, why are you doing C25K if you can already do 5k? I might be reading it wrong but I may as well ask image.

    I'll go ahead and reply as if that little bit wasn't there anyway, my advice is if you are struggling with a particular week then slow it down a bit, my first 3 weeks I was struggling a lot and was told by a running mate that it was good to struggle. 

    I then told him I was REALLY struggling and he just told me to slow down! You may not realise it, but you are probably going a lot faster or at a much higher pace than you think you are, plod along on your next session, and try to go at a comfortable pace, so that you aren't struggling too much, but still going hard.

    There is absolutely no harm in repeating a session or week though mate!, Especially if you are feeling a little ill or weak, it might even be wise to have a couple of days off of runnning, as a beginner it might really help. You will feel healthier and your running should feel invigotated after your extended rest.

    I am sure you will be just fine!, good luck

  • As Jake said, pace is the key.

    I am still very new to this running lark and will be doing week 5 run 2 tomorrow. I found that I was running too hard for the shorter sessions then when I had to increase to 3 and 5 minutes I struggled to get the pace right. Slow it down and it will get easier.

    I am sure that somebody with more experience will be along to correct me shortly if I'm wrong but that is my findings in the few weeks that I've been doing it.


  • Thanks for the replies. Sorry I wasn't clear in my post. I have a 5k route that I complete on Sundays, it's far from a run though as I walk much of it.

    Seem to have a very light chill so may take a few days off and stick to the exercise bike instead.
  • Rest is good. It helps you build strength. If you are feeling under the weather then exercise is the last thing that you want to be doing.

    If you still struggle with week 3 there is no point in moving on to week 4. Just take it easy and see how you feel after repeating it.

    I think we all expect too much of ourselves sometimes. We are not super human beings. Don't give up. image

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