Salomon Kielder Marathon

Hi anyone and everyone. I may be doing the race on 7th October, does anyone really know the height gain profile ?

I have scoured the web and found 3 main suggestions :

1. That height gain is around 3000 feet based on a garmin, which is around 1000m gain I think (tough) although some people think garmin data may be flawed.

2. Or one site that suggested 580 ish metres gain. Not as bad as option 1.


3. Around 368 metres. This sounds like the best option for us.

Any thoughts ?

Sky runner


  • There's this which looks like a race directors comment which may be your point 2:

    There is an elevation gain of 584m and loss of 592m. The minimum elevations 176m and maximum is 243m.

    The jist I get from speaking to other runners and cyclists and from some of the elevation graphs I have seen is that there are a couple of long steep inclines (near start and at around 10 miles) and just undulation all the way round (short steep inclines/declines) making it difficult to maintain a marathon rhythm..

    Am looking forward to it though!

  • Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. I have been trying to think about how best to tackle the day, it is 3 years since doing a flat marathon. I think slighty conservative for 20 miles trying to maintain effort uphill without going into fatigue and coasting, cruising downhill without over doing it. And then do the last 6 miles depending on energy levels on the day, could be goosed by then or if haven't over done it then a slight possibility of being able to move well over the last 6. Weather looks dry And warm for time of year relatively but slightly windy which could knock us off step quite easily.

    As you are though , I am still looking forward to the day. See you there. Steve
  • Raced this on Sunday, I use the term 'raced' in it's broadest sense, should probably said 'completed'. Any ways my Garmin suggests 5687 feet of ascent and 5560 of descent, no wonder my quads were trashed afterwards! Great day and a beautiful course.

  • OMG that was very tough, I've done South Downs and Beachy marathons and this one outstripped them legs are concrete!!!!!

    FB x


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