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Do the shots work? Will they make me run faster in a marathon if I consume one a day for the week leading up to the race?

Or not?



  • They made me pee redimage

  • They do seem to help with endurance. But you will be shocked when you go for your post race wee!
  • They're meant to be good, but I don't like the taste of beetroot. I may see if it's available in a pill form or something that's masked by another taste.

  • Not sure how concentrated this juice is, but I eat beetroot every day and I'm still slow as hell!! 

  • I don't think it makes you any faster, it just allows you to carry on a bit more at your current pace. However fast or slow that is.
  • I would just eat more beetroot. I made some amazing chocolate-beetroot brownies last week: now they'll make you eat more beetroot, onomonomonom!

  • I found the conentrated shots reasonably palatable: a bit like neat Ribena. There is actually some pretty robust scientific eveidence for the endurance effect.

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