Istanbul marathon (or 15K)

Anyone running it??? I am plannning to (try) run the 15K.


  • Annemieke,

    Toying with the idea as will be in Istanbul that weekend anyway. All will depend how the half marathon the week before goes in Amsterdam and whether I have recovered.

    If so then the 15km.

    Looks as though you can just enter on the Saturday. Is that your understanding also?

  • Just visted their website ( not very clear. I then called them and found out that you should print out the entry form and fax it to them. You pay on the day.

    Good luck in Amsterdam, please bring me some cheese, I'm running out.....

    If you do decide to enter let me know.

    Annemieke (dutch girl also stranded in Turkey)

  • Stranded in Turkey - have you done the Amsterdam half marathon before...I am thinking of having a go as I will be there anyway. Any advice will help
  • Oldtimer,

    Sorry for delay in replying but was away for a few days. No have not done the Amsterdam half before but also understand the course has changed this year anyway.

    Looks like you can enter on the day if you have not yet done so.

  • Yes, so I understand so will do that.
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