With onset of yet another icy winter, there is a problem which many male runners face, myself included.
How do you protect your, let's say 'manly bits' from the freezing temperatures? I sometimes return from a chilly morning run and I cannot feel a thing 'below', and fear it's dropped off with frost bite!
Are there any products on the market to stop my wife from panicking about our future sex life? Thermal jocks etc?


  • Skippy

    In cold weather I will always wear 'undies under my shorts. In really cold weather 'undies and tights. In really cold weather I tend to get a bit technical - I stuff a sock down my pants! (Just make sure you have a smile on your face when running towards old ladies!).

    I do a lot of skiing, so you could use long johns, but to be honest if its that cold I'll be running on my treadmill anyway.
  • My rear cheeky bits become very cold so i wear long lycra shorts underneath fleecy lined tights. Hubby has the 'privates' shrivelling with cold problem on his bike ride to work each day. He used the lycra cycling shorts (as worn in summer) with fleecy lined Roubaix tights on top - these have a bib front and back which he says helps to keep the draughts out.
  • Layers mate.
    Ron Hill Tracksters.

    Or shorts and save on vasectomy charges.
  • In the cold winters like it is here in Canada, I find that A wind-brief will protect your nether regions quite well. No one like a chilly willy
  • layers

    Lycra shorts

    The colder it gets the more layers I put on
  • Helly-Hansen do mens thermal briefs. Available from Natterjack Running Centre.
  • Just wear your shorts. When was the last time you heard of a runner freezing his willy off? Just doesn't happen. Might be awhile before you see the boys again, but they always come back eventually. Nature takes care of the 'bits' that are temperature sensitive. If it's really cold and windy, just fold a small towel up and stick down there and run faster with a big smile on your face.
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