How high can we get.........

As the tri-athletes are well on their way to Oz (last seen in Turkey!) I thought that those of us who take more of an upward course might like to see how long it takes to get us to the summit of Everest, which apparently has recently grown by 7ft and is now 29,035' high.

Anyone want to estimate how long before we get there?

I'll start with a modest 600' or so last Sunday - feeling a bit rotten at the moment so it might be a day or two before I add any more - so it's over to you....


  • I went up a 'knoll' last Sunday (by mistake, wasn't the knoll I kneeded).

    About 1000ft according to multimap (wow). D'you think we've made base camp yet?
  • Are we talking highest single climb on a route or total ascent for the route ?

    My usual 6 miler that I do once a week has a total ascent of 480m so around 1500ft. Largest single climb is probably around 120m.
  • Ooh! Will my hill on Sundays count?
  • I work on the 3rd floor and walk up and down the stairs at least 5 times a day. You can add on 60m a day for me.
  • I am up for this, but same question as Andrew, are we talking about total ascent on a run, or highest single climb?
  • 4,100 at Totley Tormentor a couple of weeks ago - or do I have to start from now ??
  • same question again, total ascent or single climb, also metres or feet?
  • I'm going up Snowdon this weekend, so that should add a few more metres or feet. I don't know how high it is, but I'll find out sometime.
  • Yikes, didn't expect to have to make leadership decisions over this!! Right then << thinks hard>>

    Total ascent in the course of a run

    Steps don't count (working in a six floor Georgian building I'd be about at the top already!)

    In feet - too old for metres.

    Starting from - about this week-ish.

    So thats about 2,100 from self, Quacks (you must tell us about the wrong knoll) and AW which gives us a start( somewhere near top of Brecon Beacons?) - anyone care to estimate when we'll reach the top?

    Miss P - Snowdon is 3,560' but obviously you won't be starting from sea level (or much respect if you are!!) - enjoy it. My weekend run was going to be the 17m Black Mountains race, which would have added about 5,000', but now it's a 3m lap of Sutton Park in Birmingham in the Midland 6-stage relay so I shall have to rely on the rest of the team for the hard slog required.

    Keep at it chaps, not far to the summit << said in best George Mallory / stiff upper lip tones>>

  • I missed the Black Mountains run as well, but it will be there next year.

    Thanks for making the descisions, we all know where we are now. Will submit heights for this week's runs over the weekend.
  • yesterdays dinner time run at work and todays- total of 20ft (including kerbs)unfortunately I work in a flat part of cheshire, will post better feetage on monday after I've had chance to go up t'local moors.
  • Moor man, I used to live in Cheshire many years ago, was an outdoor education student at Crewe and Alsager College in the early 80s, and lived in Sandbach, but spent a lot of time climbing at the Roches.
  • Aye aye Cap'n, don't want to let the expedition down so will attempt a local gradient asap. But I fear my contribution may be minimal for the forseeable.

    (The wrong knoll was because was on navigation exercise and misconstrued me contours).
  • Richard, I currently work just outside of warrington, but live in east lancs (a wonderfull round trip of 100 miles)
    Quacks, forgot to ask you how the navigation weekend went, sounds like following you at the weavers might be a mistake!
  • You could be quite right there mm, I think I need a little more practice!!

    It was all going well until I overshot the mark and started going round in circles and suddenly there were marshy bits everywhere I looked!

    I think you will be weaving way ahead of me...!
  • Are we entrusting Quacks with the navigation on this trek?

    BTW who has the Kendal mintcake, surely a staple food for high altitudes?

  • Am just back from a week at home and ran lots of lovely hills but now am unfortunately in flat______________ Suffolk so if my runs on Sunday and Monday count then about 4000' altogether (you can see where the name comes from).
    I will probably cover another 200 or 300' feet in the next couple of hundred training miles <<sad sigh>> oh well back to how far can we go I go...go go.

  • Andy . . haven't seen you in ages . . you've clearly got too much time on your hands!!!

    I'll just take a short walk . . .
  • Total ascent of 1585' today, according to my computer and the help of anquest, and 11.35 miles.
  • Monday - total ascent of 438'.

    Last week

    Monday - 372'
    Tues - 372'
    Weds - 372'
    Thurs - 178'
    Fri - 178'
    Sat - 1585' (Already given in earlier post)
  • Good morning,
    I got to the top of Snowdon and I think that means I walked up about 2247' 'cos I didn't start at sea level.

    I wont be posting anymore heights as I live and train in Cambridge where railway bridges are counted as hills!
  • sunday run 1749feet 13/14 miles
  • Stats for the last three months (only started keeping records in July)

    Distance - 149.72KM
    Ascent - 3,094M

    Distance - 112.92KM
    Ascent - 2,644M

    Sept - 159.63KM
    Ascent - 3,410M

    Sorry, I am a metric person
  • Today Tues - only 178'
  • Wednesday - total ascent of 422'
  • 7am

    Mam Tor - 800'
  • And the answer is - 13,719' to date - we're on our way, air starting to thin. All I have to contribute is a slight inclination around Sutton Park, B'ham on Saturday and then a big drag back home with the Club last night - hoping to do Offa's Orror on sunday to add another 1200'

    Oh and hi Rich K - you're welcome to add Chiltern heights

  • Thursday - 521'
  • Friday - 422' moving slowly upwards
  • So its 943 from RD (amazingly precise - how do you do it - fancy altimeter) and 585 approx from me (lovely run along the start of the Cotswold Way for an hour last night, back to car as just getting dark) - so thats 15,250'.

    Enjoy the weekend!
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