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I would love to be able to take up running but everytime I make an attempt I very quickly get pains in both my right knee and right ankle. They're sharp internal pains that occur on impact and get worse the longer I run. So far I've stuck to spin cycle as I don't experience the pain on the bike.
Any advice?


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    Yes. The only real item of equipment that a runner needs asap is good running shoes that match your gait. Try and find a running shop near you that does gait analysis and take their advice.
  • Go to your GP and get yourself properly checked out. Or a physio and see what they say.
  • Another option if you don't mind a bit of work on yourself is to get the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue.

    He basically contends that all musculoskeletal pain is caused by incorrect posture.

    Two tests for good posture, when you are standing up, just look down at your feet.
    Are they pointing forward and not splayed out at an angle. Pointing forward is good.

    Also if you were to draw a line down from your shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle,
    the line should be vertical.

    There are other tests for good posture which I can't remember at this moment.

    Anyways, in the book, he gives some stretches/exercises for each joint in the body that is causing you pain. These stretches/exercises will get rid of the pain in that joint (no guarantees implied).

    So you might do the exercises for knees and ankles.

    After sorting these out, he gives exercises for whole body good posture maintenance.

    The people I know who have used it are very enthusiastic.

    I got the book and did some of the exercises but couldn't be arsed to keep them up especially as a lot of the exercises/stretches are very very similar to yoga postures.

    I now do yoga and that keeps me pain free.

    As an aside, I did a session with an Egoscue practitioner and afterwards felt taller and walked with good posture (for the rest of the day).

    So my advice would be to do the exercises in the book or find a good yoga class with a teacher you like. (Obviously not every teacher is good and you may need to try a few).

    Hope that helps
  • Egoscue will help. Pain Free or The Egoscue Method of Health through Motion.
    Through personal experience of chronic pain I know this. It works that well, I trained as an Egoscue Therapist. I am also a Yoga Teacher - Egoscue will sort out the problem first, then do yoga.
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    Go on then what is it
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