Beyond the Marathon

Using the FLM as a stepping stone how should I then continue training to be able to cover 68 miles in a day by August?


  • Try taking a look at the RRC website, somewhere on there they have a schedule for London-Brighton which should be a good start point.

    Sounds a silly idea tho' without a car or bike.
  • There's always someone doing something sillier!
    Thanks for that, I had not come across that web site.
  • Are you planning on a 24 hour race? The Road Runners Club publish a book-"training for ultras" which is an excellent read.
    If you're going into a 24 hour race you need to get used to spending time on your feet and to handle the sleep deprivation.
    I found it easier to stay awake than I expected to.
    Do you have a particular event in mind?
  • I would hope to cover 68 miles in around 14 hours. The idea stemmed from gazing at a map one day and noticing that a line from Weston-s-Mare to Weymouth cuts through our village, I have been mulling on the idea for a couple of years now and as my wife decided to run the FLM this year (first time) I thought I had better it run again too (otherwise I'd have to listen to all the complaining about how hard the training is and how I've got it easy not having to do it!) so if I'm going to do it I may as well use the training and kill two birds with one stone! (probably not the best phrase to use!!) . I do spend a lot of time on my feet and I work shifts so I guess that will help.
  • That would be about the same sort of pace that I used for 24 hours, to get through it you take regular walks before you feel tired and run as slowly as you can.
    for training don't think you need to run any further than you would if you were training for a marathon. It might be useful to run more marathons (without racing them) to help with long runs.
    The advice on the RRC's London to Brighton page is good. You might think about entering a short (hah!!) ultra as well! The Dartmoor Discovery is 35 miles in June.
    It would be worth finding out about local challange events held by the Long Distance Walkers Association.
    Remember to take adequate food and drink. It makes such a difference for long events.
  • I was planning on starting from Weymouth so as to do most of the hills early on and had intended on walking them, thanks Dartmoor will fit in very well. I am planning on having rolling support (wife in car, daughter on bike!) along the way so hopefully food & drink should not be too much of a problem.
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