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The Plodmother has asked me to ask any ladies out there if they've found a good sports bra...she bought one from JJB and she says it was (can't say it - I'll blush). Can't wait for the answers to this one!!!


  • plodfather - tell plodmother to look on the gear thread. Loads of threads on sports bras. And will save your blushes.

    If she can't find one she likes, apparently DavidB will do a free fitting :-)

    Alternatively: (they do a mail order catalogue too, and the advice is v useful, both the written descriptions and over the phone) or other people have recommended

    I wouldn't buy one from JJB, the only ones I have ever seen there have been fashion sporty crop top style ones only suitable for pre-pubescents. I am assuming the plodmother is not under 12...

    If she just wants to get it over and done with, John Lewis sell a limited range, but it does include ShockAbsorbers. They seem to be the most popular choice in my gym and they're comfortable.

    Unfortunately without knowing what was wrong with the bra, can't suggest anything more specific, but I'm sure other people will come up with some imaginative explanations. I'm too tired to try to be funny...
  • .uk

    I think

    Enell are good, apparently
    I have a shock Absorber(Berlei)
    Only blisters my back, the rest is ok
  • Hi there,

    Please tell plodmother to check out Marks and Spencer. I got one of their sports 'over shoulder boulder holders', and it is really good.

    It stands up on it's own (it is a great feat of engineering!), but well worth it!

    I've had a quick look on the site - but can't see it. It cost about £25, is not underwired, and is great for a 'c' cup!

    twotoast :o)

    Champion Actionshape.

    Never been rubbed.
  • BERELI SHOCK ABSORBER, i swear by them and i'm a big girl (34F), have run loads in them including two marathons. Only chaffing i've had was after the marathons and i only noticed it when i got in the bath after and it wasn't that bad.
  • I'm a massive shock absorber fan. Have been wearing them for years and years for all my sports and have never had a problem with it. They are slightly more expensive than some but they last a long time, do not get out of shape and I've never had any friction problems.
    I got mine from John Lewis, but I think most of the larger department stores sell them.
    Despite knowing my size I always ask to be measured up. When ever I have changed my work-outs my bra size has changed. Unfortunately down a size, but atleast I have the correct support.
    By the way look at the front of the box to choose the bra suitable for runners. They vary from low impact sport (yoga etc) to high impact (running!)
  • My shock absorber was excellent too. Fell apart after 6 years hard service though
  • it was great for clubbing in as well
  • If it's never been rubbed, JJ, you're not wearing it for the right people.
  • groan. who let the dog out?!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I'm a Shock Absorber fan too. It fits really well, does exactly what it says on the tin and lasts for ages without losing shape/support.
  • I wear either shock absorber or M&S superstrength overthe shoulder etc. AND one of those thick elastic lycra numbers over the top of that. Am a 32D but would gladly bind my puppies to my ribcage if it stopped all movement.....
  • i have just started training. got a very old shock absorber so need to get a new one. but they are great. even for the larger of us, at 21 years old i am a 32f/g. hard to find much in that size. i to would do anything to reduce the bounce, and the stares you get!!!!!
  • baggy t shirt as well
    that helps
  • i tend not to bother
  • Ellen - get yourself an Enell, see less bounce website for details.

    Of course the blokes on this thread would prefer you to continue to bounce!!
  • If Mama Plod is not overly endowed then I recommend Tesco's own at a bargain price of a tenner. Had mine for ages, much better than JJB one I've got. Gone a funny grey colour after it got mixed in with wrong wash so have to hope I don't get run over whilst wearing it.
  • I was a Shock Absorber fanatic until I found the Panache PS on
    At a 36F I was thrilled to find a site that sells pretty bras for big busts as well as sports bras.
    It's not cheap (about £30) but I'd burn all my shock absorbers if I could only have one bra for running in.
  • ooooooh Im 34 F and like me shockies apart fron the blisters i get on my back
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