London Triathlon 2004

Just entered 2004 London Tri, Oly distance. Not done Oly yet. Planning to do Windsor before I get there.

Anyway, London Tri entry prices are fixed till end of Sept so if you get in early, you might save a few £...


  • Same as you Rehoused, haven't done an oly yet and have been thinking about London but hadn't realsied you entered soooo early!! What is Windsor like -date, distance, open swim,etc. I haven't done an open water, mass start, wet suited swim yet and that's why I'm hovering!! Guess 'll have to make my mind up soon
  • I have only done open water events with mass starts so I guess I am used to them - and they are great fun!

    Windsor is superbly organised, swim in the thames, available as sprint or oly distance. More details to be found at
  • Ooh a discount - might have to enter early.
    I will do the olympic I think.
  • its a bit early you know
  • Anyone point me towards details about the kids' bit at London? For a 13-year-old girl?
  • Will definitely enter early as its getting more and more popular each year. Five of my friends are doing it for the first time in 2004!
  • Hello. Hope you don't mind me joining in, I'm usually on but it's a bit quiet in there on weekends.

    Just put my entry for London in this morning and can't wait. Everything I've heard makes it sound like a great race, so really looking forward to it. It does seem weird putting an entry in so early but races seem to be filling fast these days.
  • It is quiet on tritalk at weekends isn't it -is it because everyone is racing / serious training -so why arn't we, I often wonder!! But I have done 18 miles fairly seriously this am and got some of my "jobs" done!!
  • I think the racing/training thing is a red herring, I actually think most of us on tritalk are signing in from work, which is why it's quiet at weekends. I unfortunately am at work now (some of us have to) but am going home in a quarter of an hour.

    18 miles is serious stuff for a sat am run, I think that would make my bacon sarnies curdle. Am actually racing tomorrow at South Shrops Tri so am larding up on danish pastries today.
  • Tought you were doing the tri with the rest tomorrow. I can't log in at work -won't allow me into tritalk but can get into runners world -but feel guilty!!!
    Good luck tomorrow, go for it -a bit envious really but there is always next season, see ya
  • Thanks. Don't ever feel guilty for logging on at work!! Off home now - bye.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i'm in (well did it in the week after seeing chris' tt message)....god knows why I entered so early, but hey! less entry to think about next year..

    slowpoke, good luck tmrw. I'll still intending to give your arse a good kicking though bud :O>
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  • I guess this thread is going to die for a bit now. Perhaps we can drag it out in 10 months.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    yes we'll be old and decrepid by then.

    btw chris your pic is a little disturbing. like something from edgar allen poe or hp lovecraft!

    <my computer is playing silly buggers>
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  • that is a picture taken in the work lift, when one of the lights was broken, using a mobile phone camera.
  • I think you look like a pint of Guinness.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    could also make a good nike footy advert
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