A race for all of us to meet at Part 2

I propose this as a starting point

Helsby (chester) 19/01/2003

Salisbury 02/03/2003

Inverness 16/03/2003

Ironbridge 23/03/2003
Coniston 23/03/2003

Is there still interest.



  • Brilliant work, BK.

    I'll be aiming for Helsby, Salisbury if I can persuade the family, and either Ironbridge or Coniston.
  • Will be great to meet you V-rap (will have to find a Killie shirt)

    I'll do Salisbury and either Ironbridge or Coniston depending on Mrs BK
  • BK, Ok, which ones are flat?

    Also Salisbury is the day after my birthday and I doubt I'll be alcohol free! However let me know about the others
  • I'll do Salisbury and Ironbridge, I've just read about Salisbury, how hilly is Ironbridge?
  • Dodgy Knee permitting I'll be up for Helsby (great choice, almost local) and Salisbury.

    Great work BK!
  • Ironbridge and possibly Salisbury.
  • Helsby definately and maybe Coniston for me.
  • Is is possible for people who have run these races to give us a summary. Personally I know nothing about any of these races.

    You'll have to come to Salisbury Caz so we can celebrate your birthday
  • BK, good point. I'll have to investigate. I thought I read somewhere Salisbury is hilly.
  • Hilly has just posted that on an Events thread. I think I prefer you as you were, cute as the rabbit is.
  • Coniston for me as I already have another 1/2 in March
  • Good work BK - I'll do Helsby and Telford as a minimum.

    Cheers !
  • Salisbury for me...
  • Cougie thanks for all your helpful suggestions on the other thread. For those of you that don't know Ironbridge is at Telford
  • I'm very dissappointed that Bhutan didn't make the list!
  • Fancy popping over to see us at one Martin
  • Helsby & Ironbridge probably, because they're both local and I'm a wuss!
  • I'm going to try for Helsby, Salisury and I promised Laura to do Coniston!!!
  • Was planning to do Reading half at the beginning of Feb - but could change it to Salisbury easily enough
  • Salisbury definitely. Is it another half marathon -oh dear, I'll start moaning now.
    The others I'll have to think about...

    Caz, I live near Salisbury Plain and I can't imagine it being less "undulating" than Windsor. But there might be fewer ups and downs and more long slow inclines cos if it's all on the top it's high and flat. Does that make any sense ?
  • Have just waded through the other thread - all sounds like a great idea! - I could do Salisbury and either Ironbridge or Coniston
  • Does anyone know if there's a Salisbury web site so we can have a look at the course etc ?

    Swiss Bobby, if you're out there one could do one of your dead impressive link thingies (that's the technical term...)
  • Helsby and either Coniston or Ironbridge.
  • Here's a few words about the Helsby Half Marathon.

    Next years race will be the 22nd Helsby Half Marathon. It is very well organised, plenty of car parking, a little short on toilets and the weather can range from bloody awful to perfect. There is a limit of 1800 entrants which is always full well in advance. If you are thinking about this race, don't delay, enter today. Travel to Helsby is simple by car, take junction 14 off the M56. The course records are 1:04:36 for the men and 1:13:08 for the ladies (both set last year).

    The race starts on the main road through Helsby (A56) and goes through Dunham-on-the-Hill, Mouldsworth, Manley before returning to Helsby for the finish. Most of the run takes you through the countryside on a series of country lanes past many farms and lots of farmyard smells. From my experience, even when it is windy you are sheltered from the worst of it by hedges either side of the road. It is undulating but there is from memory only one baddish hill. There is a clock at 10 miles and then the worst hill comes immediately after. This is more than made up for by the last 2 miles which is generally down hill and very fast.
    Showers, hot and cold drinks and comfy seats are available at the end. You get a rather nice medal and T-shirts are available (long and short sleeve!!) to buy at a very reasonable price.
  • Hi, Coniston for me even though RW mag July 2002 says that it is "Demanding" Gulp ! ! !
  • Salisbury it is for me.
  • Daisy dog, I get what you mean. Oh dear, well I need to overcome my dislike for hills and get out and run some!
  • Caz, surely you'll now be bounding up them like a bunny??
  • Slowboy, true, I'd better hop to it, boing, boing, boing.
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