Sports drinks (again)

I posted a thread recently asking for advice on sports drinks. I have since tried the SIS ones and got on very well with them. The trouble is I'm getting married soon so any spare money is going towards wedding/house deposit and sports drinks are a bit of a luxury. I've seen quite a few pieces on DIY sports drinks with squash or fruit juice, sugar or glucose and a bit of salt.
Does anyone make their own or have any favorite recipes? Or has anyone tired them and found them rubbish. I'm a molecular biologist and so have access accurate balances/scales to measure out ingredients (not strictly in line with health and safety but never mind).
Thanks in advance,


  • Anita Bean's book "Sports Nutrition" has some recipes for sports drinks. I think they work as well as the shop bought versions (I think SiS are best) and they work out a lot cheaper. You'll have to give them a try and see. Theoretically someone in your field should be able to get the mix right (by the way I'm a health and safety officer, but I wont tell)!
  • I read reasently that honey works as well in tests as a sports gell. Try I think??

    I use 50g of Tesco hi juice Black current, pinch of salt and top up the 500ml bottle with water. It works out at 7% carbs if my maths is right. I experimented with less juice and glucose powder to make up the 7% but it tasted weak.
  • I used to use orange juice - half litre juice, half litre water and a good pinch of salt. Only thing i found was i tended to need to stop due to 'stomach disorders' about half way round. perhaps more water and less juice was needed? I used the mixture in various quantities of dilution for a couple of years before our finances enabled us to start buying PSP22.
    With 2 of us regularly using the big containers of PSP powder, it lasts about 10-12 weeks at a cost of £22.
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