Sunday 23 Septebmer 2012

Lyrics: seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face

LMH: GREAT long run yesterday - see, your good running shape wasn't a one-off. The beauty about running is that there is no bullshitting. If you had a great run and MP felt easy then it means you are fit and capable of doing it again. And things like that should become even a bit easier in the race image
Will be officially tapering as of tomorrow. Deliberately picked a 12 week schedule this time around. This week has been a cut back though with only 53 miles. Am knackered though which is more work than run-related image

ale: understand why you want to avoid the op but like others said it seems unlikely given how many other roads you've been down already. Here's to a quick solution to put an end to that injury misery. Your patience has been tested for far too long now.

Nice family running there, RFJ.

7d: amazing run. What a great time! Blimey, but you just keep them PBs coming. Great stuff. Those other goals aren't too far off - you have that natural speed that I would kill for image

Dustin: hope you feel better.

what: final LSR
why: it's taper time
last hard: all of last week!
last rest: 17/9


  • Morning.

    Yesterday's lyrics were Running Away by Midnight Hour.

    Have a good one chickadee.

    Dustin - they certainly get easier the more I do. I've always been more suited to endurance than speed, even as a youngster.

    Excellent 7d - may I say 'I told you so'? image

    Blisters - wasn't it Jonathon Edwards that wouldn't compete on a Sunday until he lost his faith? Another solid day from you too - what's next race wise?

    RFJ - let's hope he sticks with the running.

    Alehouse - you shouldn't have to visit the hospital too often or stay to long.

    What:             probably an hour or so on the bike in some form
    Why:              left ankle and knee are a little niggly after yesterday's run
    Last hard:       not being able to run as often as I'd like
    Last rest:        21/9

    Lyrics - vaguely familiar but can't say 'yes'.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    What 21.5
    Why LSR
    Lyrics possibly

    Put on the racing shoes to test them over distance. First 10 covered in 70 minutes. Marathon paced efforts from the mile 11 beep til end.

    Splits: 6:50, 6:41, 6:44, 6:42, 6:39, 6:42, 6:44, 6:40, 6:33, 6:38.

  • Anyone who said they told me so is entitled to gloat wholeheartedly.

    12M LSR this morning, a lot off-road in anticipation of XC season.

    Lyrics, like LMH and Postie, I wasn't sure, so I googled it and had the song but not the artist.

  • Blimey, postie image that's one helluva long run roughly equalling my 5k pace on a very good day image

    Good and bad about the run today. 17 miles d&d. Av. page 8:35 but that was hard work. It was such a beautiful day I had hoped for one of those magic runs but to be honest, it was a bit of a stinker. Breathing laboured and lots of achey body parts. Not exactly a confidence builder but I pretty much knew it was going to be rubbish when I got up this morning. Even debated about going out at all. OCD won. And the fact that I would have been completely miserable for the rest of Sunday if I hadn't gone out on such a perfect autumn morning.

  • What: long drive to Aberdeen for ferry home

    Why: work tomorrow

    Last hard:yesterday

    Last rest Saturday

    Lyrics: no

    Just enjoying 2nd breakfast in Andy Murray's hometown.

    Great day yesterday with sunny day (shorts and vest) and spectacular autumnal lake district scenery.

    I improved on last year by 9 minutes coming over line at 2h11m10.

    My wife, Elspeth, made her marathon comeback (post stress fracture) doing full marathon in 4h28m38 also a PCB by 1 minute.

    Also met up with a runner we knew from cape wrath challenge. Lovely to see her again.

    Now taper begins properly before Loch Ness ...
  • Under the weather or over tired chickadeee? Still, the miles are in the bank. I know exactly what you mean about the OCD though. It's quite chilly here, wind is picking up and left knee is a little niggly - but I know that if I don't head out on the bike for a bit I'll get really restless and feel bad this afternoon. We're all mad aren't we?

    Great LSR postie.

    OH - excellent result. Well done. You must be pleased with that?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning

    Chick: 17 miles run at 8:35 is a worthwhile session by any measure. I think it's actually a good sign when you can anticipate how a session will turn out. Two reasons are firstly it shows you are in tune with your body and secondly it enables you to adapt the session in line with your expectations. I think this is the reason that my running has taken a turn for the better. Previous to this month I was commenting on DTT of how often I was setting out on a run with no real idea of how far or how fast it was going to come out.

    Postie: really impressive LSR, do you have a target time in mind?

    Alehouse: hopefully over the weekend you will have rationalised your attitude to the prospects of surgery. Not sure what's involved but hopefully it will take away the frustrations of your current battles.

    I ran 8.9M, part of it off road, at a comfortable 8:12 pace. Legs were a bit heavy after yesterday 14 miler, though no real problems with calf. The club offers a 10M run on Sundays but at present I think it would be too hard for me as I'm still adapting to the Saturday LSR.

    Have a good day all.
  • Afternoon!

    Well, would you believe it....
    What: 8 x 1 min slooow (I don't think I remember how to run fast). Nice and controlled with walk and stretches in between. Very unfit! Broke into a slight "glow" whilst running the furthest since January.
    Why: thought I may as well give the consultant to look at! But not the slightest protest whilst running, or afterwards (icing as I type). I have, off course, backed off completely for over a week (last run of any sort was 14th) and also backed off weight bearing stretches. I may, of course, be clutching at straws: is rest for a few weeks going to be the solution to let the calf recover and strengthen? Or will the calf be damaged again as soon as the Achilles is not used properly?
    I am quite open-minded about having the op: the key thing is it unavoidable?

    Some decent training going on: Postie's session deserves a special mention!

    Lyrics: of course...not.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Postie nice - you must be v pleased with that

    Ale - Progress??

    2k swim, 20 mile cycle d&d  If i could run it'd be good

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    good news Ale,

    some good running Chick and Postie, along with 7D and Tom too.

    Back from a very wet SEAA road relays, had a quick chat with Dustin - you looked to be running well and strong.

    23:44 for my 6k leg in foul conditions, it was more akin to running in a lake in places....6:23, 6:34, 6:26, 4:19 (6mm) so generally happy with that, I have ran faster there on more than one occassion, but in much better weather conditions.

    Total of just over 7m for the day, with no long run this week, no races now till XC in Oct and Solent Half, both the same weekend.... should be fun... so will be able to concerntrate on speed and distance over the next 3 weeks.

    Take care

  • I take it you mean because the pace at the club run may be higher than you'd like Tom?

    Alehouse - have you ever tried just rest? I can't remember - sorry.

    Soon Paddy, soon.

    I fell off my bike. Totally my fault. Tiredness/lapse in concentration and down I went, practically motionless so it was just impact damage but my right side from the shoulder to just below the knee is a little stiff, sore and bruised. May have to ditch tomorrow's planned run and just do a little swim to ease everything off. Hopefully won't lose any more time than that.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    LMH...ouch! The last time I went out on my bike (last autumn!) I did exactly the same thing, came up to junction too quick and so knackered I didn't have the strength to steer through the bend ( nor would it seem the wit to apply the brakes!). Just about every time I ride it I fall you think it's the bikes fault image

    I think I could handle the pace of the Sunday 10 miler. probably the same speed at the first half of the Saturday LSR, but at my present state of fitness I doubt that I could recover from the LSR sufficiently to do it at their speed. My current solo Sunday effort is 9M. When I can run that reasonable comfortable at under 8:00 pace without feeling Saturday's LSR in my legs then I'll give it a go. My last few years of injury have taught me the virtues of circumspection.

    Alehouse: the human body, in particular the lower leg is, like the cosmos, a wonderful and complex thing. No doubt your experts will advise accordingly, but there may be something in my previously suggested "fcuk and see" approach.......obviously as a last resort. More seriously I do hope that you can move this problem on soon.
  • Chick I think Gobi would prefer that I run at 8:35!

    Tom My overall target would be to run a GFA time to guarentee me back in the game again. However, I know with the correct training and a fully fit body I reckon I should manage something between 2:45 and 2:50. The current problem is the cartelidge in the right knee and wether or not this can be compensated for or will degenerate further. The last consultant I saw reccomended that I run Abingdon as a long training session and targfet London next year for a PB (currently 2:58:41). I shall see how I feel on the day image.

  • Tom, LMH: the only rest I have had has been the last 9 days. The rest of the time I have been stretching or strengthening at least alternate days. Will very much have to see how things are in the morning, then its report my findings and listen to the expert. RFJ: wouldn't go so far as to say good news quite yet! May well get very bad news around 7 o'clock tomorrow evening! What ever the outcome tomorrow I will make sure, as Tom says, move the problem on.

    My legs feel as tired as if I had run for an hour or so, but no painful places: I am now ridiculously unfit. In November last year I was in shape to run under 20 mins for 5k; now, irrespective of any injury, I don't think I could run 5k full stop!

    And yes Tom,  its definitely the bikes fault. They simply don't like me, either: I have been known to fall off the exercise bike nearly but that was because it made me too tired.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Tom - that's what I meant - that currently following your Saturday effort keeping pace on the Sunday would be pushing things too much whereas by doing it solo you can adjust your speed according to how your legs feel. It was definitely rider error I'm afraid.

    Alehouse - the fitness will come back if you can stop the problem and get back to it. Hope you get the answer tomorrow evening.


    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Righty ho! Here’s time to vote for my most inspiring run or post if the day.

    OH: A great outing with two marathon results to report yesterday. A long drive the next day can be a killer, literally.
    7D: I haven’t congratulated you yet for your PB and breaking of the 20 mins. It’s a big cherry.
    Chick: Ballsy, in a non-sexist way. 17 miles dragged out as you say, but hang on a minute. You got a beautiful day, and 8:35 m/m is no slouch for a pace.
    Tom: 9 miles at a decent pace with clearly a sense of satisfaction shining through.
    Alehouse: Like me, I’m sure that you’ll just have to accept a bit of a reduction in fitness levels whilst injuries cleared themselves. You will get back, but it can’t be rushed. I was out 2-3 years. It’s harder to build muscle from zero than it is to re-awaken it.
    RFJ: Fast by whatever measure, you hit some magic numbers.
    LMH and Tom on/off bikes: Wet roads or white lines I presume?
    Postie:  10 miles in 70 minutes is not what I would call a gentle warm up. Until you then go on to say that you ran the same distance at a ramped up pace. I know that the form book has you recorded with a sub 3, but what I am seeing from this data is an altogether higher league. You are comfortable at the pace. The training is done. You are ready. Key sessions from here on in to Abingdon are (in order of importance) 
    2) A proper 2-3 week taper
    3) Not getting fat in the last week due to over –eating
    4) Getting the head sorted. You have got to be hungry for the target time.
    5) You’ve got time left for some speed intervals, like 10x800 in 2m45s, or 5x 1mile in 6mins, or 25x 400m in whatever makes your eyes water.
    6) Make sure that the Womble outfit doesn’t rub.

    And the vote goes to....all of you. Not a duff run between you.

    Personally, I hate winter, especially the rain. Today the temperature was 10 degrees and starting to feel unpleasant. It was clearly a day for “rainy day” jobs. Time spent in the kitchen is never wasted. Made a highly indulgent Italian coffee ice cream, but nobody else likes coffee. Two scoops and you simply don’t sleep.
    Training, being Sunday, is the beasting in the pool. We got in 10 minutes early and I felt tired from the off. It did pick up though, and I was having a little fun with a guy in the next up lane. Trying to keep pace on a fast length. An hour bashed out.

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