Heart Rate Monitor

I have a Garmin 305 that I use for running, but I would like to get a HRM that can measure my heart rate and calories burnt during other sessions like circuits, my TRX training and when I'm digging down the allotment!  I've just been given a voucher for £25 for Amazon so thought I would use this to get one, but there seems a lot of choice and I'm not really sure what to get.  I don't really want to spend much more than the voucher if possible.

Any suggestions as to what is good?

Oh, I'm guessing that I would have to pay quite a bit more for one where I could download the information from it to a computer, to something like Endomondo?


  • Why not use the 305?

  • Too big and bulky and likely to get damaged by something in circuits and not really suitable for digging in the allotment!  I've been told that these sort of things aren't very accurate though and can be out by 25% for calories used, so not so sure I should get one now image

  • I don't think you can work out calories thru heart rate.
  • @cougie - yes, of course you can.  Without HR other methods are inaccurate - that's why devices like the 305 are inaccurate - they don't use HR.

  • They will be a guide but can easily be 30% out or more.

    Even different HRMs will give different figures depending on the formula used.

  • @cougie - that's applies to all calorie burn calculations.  Devices like the 305 account for metrics such as age, weight, gender, sport type and speed, meaning that it records high calorie burn on descents on a bike.  Without factoring in HR, burn rate can be way off.

  • Even with HR it's still off.

    We are talking about working out calories whilst doing the garden - a hrm just won't be accurate - so why spend money on it. You may as well read it off a chart ?
  • How far away can the 305 be and still pick up the signal. What happens if you put it on the ground next to you while doing your digging or circuit training?

  • It's mainly for circuits and other sorts of training, but as digging is quite strenuous I can count that too.   Anyway, as it seems that they are all majorly out I've decided not to bother and to just try and work out the calorie expenditure myself.  It will probably be as acurate and I know I'm most likely to under rather than over estimate which would be a better way to do it!

  • I use my Garmin 305 & HR strap for circuit training, boxing, weights, cycling......the heart rate can be picked up a good distance away. I leave the garmin on the window sill when pounding the heavy bag etc.

    No need to buy another......

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