Medical Alert Bracelets

Please can someone remind me of the name and / or website where I can buy a medical alert bracelet which can can show medical details, who to contact in an emergency etc. Many thanks.



  • As above Road ID. Its a US company but my bracelet came in 7 days!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've also heard cram alert are good if you're only in the uk. I've heard good things about roadid
  • Thanks very much to everyone who has provided helpful details. I'm on the case!image
  • There was a company called personal ID at one of the races I was at this year. I also want to get one of these! What info did everyone put on? I'm a bit wary of putting my address in case I leave it in a gym bag with my house keys or something, but what else did everyone have written?

  • name, date of birth  and post code.... More than enough for the emergency services to identify me

  • Road ID for me too

  • I'm thinking of buying several of the little barrel things sold to put on dog collars, put the essential details on a slip of paper inside  - that way I can put one on each pair of running shoes.

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    @Dave/others ;with IDs - do you include any phone numbers on there? I've seen lots of 'examples' with

    Spouse: xxxxxx
    Brother: xxxxxx

    but i'm the same as Dancing with spikes and wary about leaving something with my details on it

  • @Emmy_H - my RoadID has my name + DOB + Town, my girlfriend's name & number (incase a paramedic fancies getting lucky), my Dad's name & number, abbreviated medical info (NKA, NKDA, NoMedX) and the following note re. treatment in the event of accident: If found, treat with beer.

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    Thanks Intermanaut - that's great. Have you put "please stop my garmin" under "in event of accidentimage

  • @Emmy_H - no, but I have read of a bloke who has "If found, please pause my GPS".

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    Lol! I've been thinking of which tag to get for when I go running and I love the idea of the Cram Alert but because I travel internationally so often (which is where I feel where I need it most) - it's lacking there so i think i'm going to choose RoadID

  • Yes mine has wife's number daughters number the same medical abbreviations and at the bottom "Pain is temporary"
  • have some nice options.
  • Use the RoadID myself, have never had anyone need to make used of it so far, but I dont leave the house without it.


  • Just ordered from RoadID; can't run yet due to health - but want to be ready!

  • This website has some nice looking ones

    Think more for those with medical conditions rather than general id as bought one or my friend's daughter who is diabetic

  • Roadid looks good - anyone bought anything else from them - high vis stuff etc? Had to wear my reflective top to work this week - left at 6.45 am and still dark! image 


  • Road ID has shipped - will report on quality when it gets here!

  • I was advised to get a Medic Alert medallion when my pencillin allergy was first identified; the good thing is that only your name and allergy are shown and other details are obtained by calling a phone number.

  • The RoadID site actually gives a good run down on what details are actually needed on any form of ID you may be carrying. Name (obviously) year of birth (don't need the exact date), city (don't need your full address), then a couple of contact numbers and then a list of any medical conditions that ambulance people should need to know about. They also give you a list of the know abreviations for certain conditions.

    You don't need your full address or date of birth as that isn't needed for treating you on the side of the road, an approximate idea of age though from year of birth is sufficient. Your name, city and contact numbers will be more than enough for them to figure out exactly who you are when they get you to hospital.

  • The RoadID ones also have the option of paying them a yearly fee to have all your details held on their website, and only accessible to someone who telephones or logs into their site. Not completely thief-proof of course, but having to call/log in would probably deter most casual thieves.

    I can't remember for sure, but I think the fee for that is about $10 per year. Also gives you the ability to log in to the RoadID site yourself and update/change details as required, for example if you're going on a business trip or a holiday you can temporarily change your address, contact details etc or put on the address of the hotel you're staying at, that sort of thing...

  • I really like the ICE Gems ones that Crimson mentioned at the top of the page. I've been thinking about those for a while. They're nice enough to wear all the time - which I should but don't. 

  • DW777 - have you received your Road ID yet?

  • Ordered my Road ID today image

  • Thank you so much Judy.....

    Now feck off back over the pond

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