Advice on blisters please


I'm just getting back into running, and am following a bridge to 10k app and all is going well.  I try to run every other day, but with work commitments can't always do this so sometimes I run on two consecutive days.  Every time I do this, I get blisters.  

Should I use tape or plasters on the second day to avoid blisters?  


  • Look at what is causing the blisters, you might need to change your socks (anything but Hilly twinskins = blisters for me) or shoes to see if they are laced too tight or rubbing or not enough toe room if the blisters are on your toe ends.

    Just running 2 consecutive days shouldn 't cause blisters if all is well with you socks and shoozies image

    Taping or plasters will help but sort out the cause and save yourself a fortune.
  • Good advice from Tickled Pink!

    Lots of info on blisters here;
  • @Tom Goom - you have been busy, what with all these links to your site you've been posting. Spam.
  • Thanks - I can't work out what's causing the blisters.  I am wearing the same kit I've always worn (nothing new).  I'll try new socks, thanks for the advice, much appreciated!

  • If you're wearing the same kit Clare and getting blisters then it probably is the kit which is causing them.  Whereabouts on your foot are the blisters?  Same place or different places?  If you keep getting blisters on the same place then the skin there will need time to sort itself out and repair so tape for a while even if you do find more comfy socks image

  • Intermanaut, that's a bit harsh! I wrote the articles specifically to help people on here. My site has no adds and makes no profits. It's just free advice from an experienced physio with a passion for running. I don't think that counts as spam!
  • @tomgoom You're advertising your services.
  • Not true. I have only 1 link on that site to my clinic out of over 60 articles. The site started because I kept finding people on here with similar problems so I wrote articles for them.
  • @tomgoom - duh. The link is in your About Us page, which us where people would expect to find it. Your blog site is an advertising tool for your clinic.
  • It really isn't. I never push my clinic details or share links direct to the clinic site or the About Us page. The site has raised over ??1000 for the Mental Health Foundation, helped hundreds of runners and not made me a single penny in profit.

    Anyhow, I apologise to Clare, you were after blister advice not a pointless argument. Hope it gets better quickly for you!
  • Blimey, all that spam hysteria. I've found Tom's advice always very helpful, never pushy with advertising own services. Let's keep things in perspective
  • Tickled Pink - on the arch of my Left foot and side of my right foot below big toe - same places every time! Maybe my feet just need to toughen up and get used to me running again.

    Tom Goon, I found your site useful and had a wander through it yesterday, advertising is low key, lots of opportunity for comment so thanks for sharing image
  • What socks are you using? Is cheaper to change socks first before looking at new shoes.
  • Hilly mono skin - been running on and off for a while with no problem with blisters until now! Ran this morning after a rest day yesterday and blistered up (and had competed on) but not as much as before. I'll def get new socks, thx
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