Post run groin pain

I developed a groin pain last Christmas from i think pushing too hard on speed work, i've hardly run since due to other illness (virus and kidney stones - now gone). I've been running about three weeks now and after every run i feel terrible groin pain. It goes after a few hours after the run and after mild stretching, if i set down on my door steps i can hardly get up without agonising pain. This morning i did a slow 8 miles and almost had t crawl into the house and into a bath. Two hours later i feel okay but i nee to find out what this is about. I am loathed to go to my GP as i feel i made a nuisance of myself with the virus and kidney stones. Any suggestions on how i can self-diagnose and heal? I did call a sports physio last week about it after a run and he said if he can't see anything he can't fix it. There is no lump so i'm sure it's not a hernia (i think the pain would be worse if i ran on a hernia).


  • Pretty poor response from the physio, I've had Adductor strain that did similar to this, although being no expert it could be 20 different causes. Point is a good physio will find it, so will your Doc, go back and use him, it's what we pay our taxes for, or find a decent physio

  • Thanks for your reply. Maybe i had better go and see the Doc


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