First HM in 3 weeks, eek!

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I am running the Oxford HM in 3 weeks and could do with some advice really.  I am struggling to get a balance between increasing mileage and not overdoing it, following a skiing injury in May, tore the medial ligament in my knee so only started running a month ago. Feel 13 miles is quite ambitious! Running 10k in 65 minutes ok (I know this is slow!) but am running out of energy.

Wanted some advice on what I should be eating before a run.  I drink a pint of water 30 minutes before which helps alot but at 5miles my energy just drops off.  I run in the evening after work about 5pm.

I'm doing some weight training twice a week to strengthen up my legs and also horseride 3 x a week (not sure how much it benefits running!)

Any advice you can offer much appreciated! image I have no time in mind, I just want to get round and currently run at 9k/hr



  • Endurance is something to build on slowly. It takes 3 weeks for your body to adapt to increased mileage. You don't say how long your longest run is to date or how many miles a week you are running or how many times a week.

    Drinking water - better to keep hydrated throughout the day than to knock back a pint before you go out running. Same rule for running as for swimming, leave at least 2 hrs between food and exercise.

    If you find that your eneergy drops off after 5 miles then run slower, this will help you run further. Same for all of us, increase mileage = decrease the pace. Running in the evening works well for some, for others fatigue sets in. I used to finish work at 5 and run at 7. I needed a quick snooze between work and running until I got used to it. Feeling tired is normal but your body will adjust.

    Tackling a half marathon on 2 months training is ambitious to say the least. It takes time for your body to adjust to the increased demands that you are placing upon it. There's really no big dietry secret that will impart tons of energy. Slow release carbs, a fructose / gloucose drink though you shouldn't really need anything special.



  • 10k is my longest run, I've been doing shorter faster runs mid week and then longer at the weekend.  I know its ambitious, I was running 10k in 59 minutes before injury in May, I sort of assumed I would have retained a higher level of fitness than I actually have.

    I drink 2-3 litres of water a day, I just make sure I have the pint before I go. 

    I was looking at the energy gels, do you think they would help?

    Not looking for a miracle, just a bit of advice image thanks x

  • Maybe some toast and honey before you go will help. I often eat that right before a run and it suits ne fine although obviously depends on your digestion. There's no reason not to try energy gels too - see how they suit you.

    Realistically if you've got three weeks to go and your longest run is 6ish miles then I would think a run/walk strategy for both your long runs each week and the race itself might be sensible. Say a minute of walking at each mile marker.

    Hope it all goes well - good luck!


  • I ran my first half marathon yesterday!! Finished in 2:05. I have been doing 10k races for about 18 months and decided 7 wks ago to try the half.  My long run before the 7wks was 8 miles.  I increased the 8 miles to 8.5 miles, the following wk my long run was 10miles, following wk 12, 8 miles then tapered for half marathon.  I took my own water with me for the half.  There was a lot of water stations but I wanted to be able to get a drink when I needed one so I was glad to have the belt with me.  I have never tried gels.  I took some jelly babies in my pocket.  Ate 2 at 7 miles, 2 at 9 miles.  Found the last mile tough but was delighted to have done it. 

    Best of luck

  • Hi Miss Boris,  if you are racing in 3 weeks, you don't have time for further adaptations now.   Best thing is to make sure you arrive at the start line well nourished, well rested and reasonably psyched.   

    Carpathius is talking a lot of sense.  It's going to be a challenge where you have to be tactical about conserving your energy.  

    Good luck!

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